WMUR’s EPIC Sports Reporting FAIL


Tonight, the New England Patriots won the AFC Championship and will be headed, once again, to the Super Bowl. Of course, every news site was reporting it but one glaringly stood out for the absolute incompetence in their choice of a photo, WMUR.

You see, this photo isn’t of any current team member. According to the Pats’ roster, there is no current team player with an ’81’ jersey other than some dude on the practice squad and he looks nothing like the player in the photo.

This photo is an old photo of Aaron Hernandez! Yes, that same Aaron Hernandez who was convicted of murder and then killed himself in prison.

Obviously, people make mistakes but this shows complete incompetence on the part of the person posting this or their editor or whoever should be checking SPORTS coverage.

While many people might not even notice, it’s up to the people PUBLISHING NEWS STORIES at a news station to pay attention to these very important little details.


UPDATE #1: After many complaints by fans, it appears WMUR deleted both their Facebook post and their Twitter post.

UPDATE #2: Apparently, WCBV-TV in Boston used the SAME photo of Hernandez. It’s pathetic that these are two of the biggest news stations in NEW ENGLAND.