Schumer Shutdown – Day One

by Steve MacDonald

Schumer Shutdown - Armageddon

The collapse of civilization as we know it has begun. Even from inside the bunker you can feel the edges of the fabric of reality begin to fray.

I stare longingly at my HOPE poster, barely visible in the dimming light. Someone needs to clear off the snow-covered solar panels, but no one dares to go outside.

Will the rising seas extinguish the fires? I don’t know.

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  • Ed Naile

    I felt the house shake last night as I was sleeping!
    So that is what it was.

    • Everything seems so the same but it’s almost too “the same.”

      • Ed Naile

        The wife and I went out today and bought kerosene, 100 lbs. of rice, some candles, and half a steer. We are hoping to make through the shutdown.
        I’m hoping we can drink melting snow until April if we keep the sled dogs out of it.
        This is serious.
        Why would 3.6 million aliens want to crash this disaster?
        To vote for Hassan and Shaheen I guess.

        • Bryan W

          Trade you some of that steer for a couple of cases of bottled water..

  • Ken from the Seacoast

    I have my own consulting business. Take a wild guess how many nonessential employees are on my payroll?

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