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You say sh*t show, I say sh*t hole

This week, President Trump was accused of referring to Haiti and some African countries as “shi*t holes”.  According to the Oxford dictionary, this is defined as “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.”


This definition includes nothing about race, although every mouth-breathing, window-licking Liberal wants to exploit the rumored comments and make it so.

If you did a little research on Haiti and some African countries, you would have to agree, on technical terms, with Trump.

Setting the way-back machine a few years ago, President Barack Hussein Obama said that Libya had become a “sh*t show” thanks to Great Britain and France’s ISIS policies.  Of course, he was trying to deflect blame away from his own failed policies – but let’s let that one go for now.

Oxford defines “sh*t show” as “a situation or event marked by chaos or controversy.”  Again, nothing about race.  At the time, Obama’s comment was taken at face value, a description of the situation as a result of conditions and influences.

Cameron Obama

Trump’s comment was no different.  He made a personal observation about the conditions of these places, as a result of influences, saying nothing about the people (at least from the hearsay being reported).  In fact, I’ll educate the Liberal trolls reading this post and remind them that Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic.  And the two neighboring nations, both populated by people of the same race and similar histories, couldn’t be more different.  Why is it that, if Donald Trump is a racist, he didn’t also condemn and insult the Dominican people?

Because the comment wasn’t about race, snowflake.

We all know that Haiti has suffered a series of recent natural disasters.  We also know that the Clinton Foundation has been caught up in web of alleged deceit, incompetence and corruption surrounding its attempted aid to that country.  Haiti has been a “hot mess” for roughly 200 years and the Clinton’s only helped ensure it stays that way for at least another generation or two.  Such benevolence.

clintons shhh

To those on the Left with a serious case of cognitive dissonance (nearly all, I suspect), Trump’s comment was a veiled attack on the negative influences in Haiti and Africa at the hands of Hillary and Bill Clinton and their corrupt sh*t wagon of a Foundation.  Seems likely, but if you are a Liberal, Democrat or Marxist (I apologize for the redundancy), none of this backstory matters.