Requiring Legislative Approval Before RPC’s Can Accept Federal Funds.

by Steve MacDonald

commission members elected and accountableThere will be a public hearing tomorrow, 01/24/2018 at 02:00 PM in Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 301 on HB 1616 that would require legislative approval before regional planning commissions could accept federal money.

If you cannot testify in person, please write to the Municipal and County Government Committeeand ask them to support this bill.


AN ACT requiring legislative approval for regional planning commissions to accept money from governmental sources other than the state of New Hampshire or its political subdivisions.

SPONSORS: Rep. Ammon, Hills. 40; Rep. Pitre, Straf. 2; Rep. Renzullo, Hills. 37
COMMITTEE: Municipal and County Government

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  • Radical Moderate

    Brilliant legislation!
    Cut these RPC weasels off at the kneecaps.
    The smart thing to do is have someone there to identify all those who speak against this bill and see what interests they have in stopping it.
    Follow the money!

  • ExNavyNH

    Dang fascist GOP, with your local control, and constrained government! By Golly, if a 96 mile solar power monorail is appropriate for Seattle, Washington, it’s appropriate for Amherst, New Hampshire!

  • Why does a “planning commission” need outside cash?
    Studies? Polls? Investigations? Lawsuit defense/instagation?
    Mid project change orders?
    Room, board, incidentals at “panels” held in exotic locations?
    Travel/speaking expenses for guest “experts”?
    “The Latest” technology to accommodate the “paper reduction act”?
    Siri? Alexa? Ask Jeeves?

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