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Nashua Rep Jan Schmidt Lies About and Defends, Assault of Citizen by Fellow Dem


On Friday, a Letter to the Editor appeared in the Concord Monitor that explains why New Hampshire Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) should resign after pleading guilty to assaulting a citizen. A majority of Granite Staters, including Democrats, believe Rogers should resign.

New Hampshire House Representative Jan Schmidt (D-Nashua) decided to comment on the LTE and not only lied about the assault but doesn’t believe Rogers should resign. From her comments:

Schmidt is trying to claim that the assault was just a “bumping into” that happens on a daily basis. She’s lying of course. No one is convicted of assault for accidentally bumping into someone. Rogers pleaded guilty to assaulting a citizen because she struck her in the head and there were witnesses.

Of course Rogers will behave for the next 9 months, the court has maintained that she be on “good behavior” for at least a year or she’ll be in violation of her sentencing. Rogers was also mandated to under go anger management within 90 days of her guilty plea.

The documents from the court tell a completely different story than the lie Schmidt is telling. Here is the original complaint:


And here are the court documents:

Rogers Court Papers


Clearly, this was no “accidental bumping into” as Schmidt tries to claim. She’s lying because she knows that demanding Rogers resign is the right thing to do. If Rogers were a Republican, Schmidt would be standing at the state house with pitchforks demanding it. Because Rogers is a Democrat, Schmidt doesn’t care that she assaulted a citizen.

Voters in New Hampshire don’t find this acceptable behavior from anyone, let alone a sitting state representative. Almost 700 people have signed a petition on demanding Rogers resign. If you read any commentary on social media, 99.99% of the people also agree that Rogers should resign.

It’s not only a violation of the House Code of Ethics, but It’s a severe violation of the public trust. New Hampshire House Representative Thomas Katsiantonis (D-Manchester) resigned last week while “facing multiple charges of theft and tax evasion.” Katsiantonis’ trial doesn’t begin until the Spring.

Rogers had her day in court and pleaded guilty. The only people who aren’t demanding Rogers resign are party leaders and elected officials in the New Hampshire Democrat Party. Voters want her gone. Citizens deserve better than to be abused by representatives. One was abused by Rogers and now the rest are being abused by Democrats for not demanding Rogers resign.