Just When you Think the Left Can’t get Any More Stupid…

by Kimberly Morin


Along comes Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress (GSP) who says… “hold my beer.”

This has got to be one of the more stupid things I’ve seen on the Twitterverse in a while. Clearly, Hawkins and her sidekick over at GSP have never worked in a restaurant or actually worked in customer service or with customers, EVER, anywhere.

As a former restaurant server and bartender, I can tell you, they DON’T want to get some crap set wages from their employers. These people make really, really good money per hour, more than any ridiculous ‘one fair wage’ would pay because they are good at what they do. And the better they are at their job, the more money they make.

Having ‘one fair wage’ would actually decrease the pay these people take home every week. Of course, then all the crappy servers would get the same pay as all the good servers.

Get it yet? It’s like the failed Socialist experiment in unions – eventually the best worker becomes no better than the worst worker. Why? Because there is literally no incentive to do better.

This isn’t going to stop any customers from being jerks. It would cause more poor customer service to be the norm; the company loses business; workers lose jobs. Not to mention, the company would probably lose business anyway after having to raise the prices of everything to pay for this mess.

It would do the left some good to actually TALK with people they pretend to represent rather than just tossing really, really bad ideas out there. You never know how many moronic Democrat legislators might believe this is a good idea.

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  • allen

    I can honestly say I have never thought that the left couldn’t get more stupid.

    it helps that my girlfriend works at the SNHU dining hall and deals with the snowflakes daily. an example is a girl taking “feminist geography” (yes, there is such a thing) who insisted Finland was a fictional place, like Narnia. t didn’t matter that you could point to it on a map, maps were “oppressive tools of the patriarchy”, and her belief that finland didn’t exist was better than any proof to the contrary.

    • mer

      Hmm. Lets ask the Russian in WWII if the Finns are fictional.

      Didn’t this happen in Maine recently, where a push for $15 minimum was boycotted by restaurant workers because they’d see a reduction in take home pay?

    • Kimberly Kma Morin


    • granitegrok

      “Feminist geography”?????

      Can she get the course number for us?

      • Kimberly Kma Morin

        Oh my… this is really a ‘thing’… https://researchguides.dartmouth.edu/human_geography/feminist

        • mer

          Also known as “How come timmy always gets the top bunk”.
          What a bunch fo dreck.

        • Radical Moderate

          I thought everyone knew that SNHU is a Progressive indoctrination center. That’s only the tip of the iceberg with them. They have their hands into everything Progressive. Now they are branching out into attracting more Refugees and immigrants to New Hampshire. http://www.unionleader.com/social-issues/SNHU-opening-new-center-to-support-refugees-immigrants-in-NH-09112017

          • allen

            the SNHU republican club is required to get individual permission…from the campus democrats… for everything they put on their table. so, they never have anything to give out.

            they are not allowed balloons or any signage. so it’s a few kids, sitting at a table, and they can tell you why they’re there if you ask..but who is going to ask them?

            the campus democrats have signs, give out balloons, stickers, bumper stickers, brochures, ect and they even are allowed to put signs up on the entrances.

          • granitegrok

            How did that happen, that the Rs have to have the Ds permission???

          • allen

            squeaky wheel gets the grease. the democrats complained…about everything. so eventually to just stop the complaints, they got veto power over what can be displayed.

            it helps that the people running the school are very sympathetic with the democrat cause….

          • Navy Nuke

            That’s nuts

          • allen

            they are the very definition of “oppressed minority”.

      • allen

        I’ll see what I can do. it may be part of a course instead of an entire thing.

  • When Political Science, and actual economics, collide.

  • 175jfs

    I won’t eat in places where they pool their tips. I refuse pay so some sluff can get money on the back of a hard working server. Those men and women who work hard at it EARN their tips.

  • SFWC

    I believe we should adapt the German and Japanese systems. No tipping. Not for the silly reasons included here, but because it just makes more sense. Expect high performance from employees, pay them well, and demand great customer service without the need to bribe servers to treat customers well.

    • mer

      “…bribe the servers to treat customers well”
      This is an odd statement.
      Juxtaposed with this statement:
      “…Expect high performance from employees…”
      Then you get unions involved and you wind up with highly paid employees, crappy service and no customers.

      Unless the employer can fire underperforming employees, there is nothing that forces good service.

      Me, having a good meal, with good service give me incentive to leave a larger than typical tip.

    • Ed Naile

      Have you been to a restaurant in a country with no tipping?
      Maybe my experience is unique but you can tell the difference between waiters and staff going through the motions and motivated employees.

      • Navy Nuke

        differences in culture might cause an issue with this…

      • SFWC

        I am living in Japan now, and I see no difference in service. Same as when I was in Japan. It seems strange to me that in the US, only our tip incentive makes good workers? A professional provides good service because that’s what a professional does, whether they get rewarded instantly or not.

  • Don

    You know what’s dumber than that? Republicans in the legislature and corner office sending tax money to fund the University system of NH knowing full well they are using some of that funding to train future activists to defeat Republican officials. It makes about as much sense as taking a fully loaded revolver from Democrats in a friendly game of Russian Roulette.

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