Anti-Fascist Antifa Can’t Define Fascism

by Scott Morales

antifa_dumbI forgot about these morons while on hiatus bathing in the warmth and the sun with good company and cocktails. But now that I’m back and settling into the groove, I’m reminded that we’re surrounded by misguided, ignorant hyperventilating morons.

Check out this video and remember the dumb in the country and hope that you don’t have the misfortune of actually meeting any of them. These people have no shame and no self-respect. They’re hanging a sign on themselves and can’t even define what it means.  They’re Anti-fascists that can’t define… fascism!

“How would you define fascism?”
A long silence follows as the dolt stares beyond the camera only broken by the profound, “Uhhh… I don’t know”.

Here’s another:
“How would you define fascism?”
“I don’t really want to get into all that history and stuff.”

Translation: “I really don’t know what it means and I realize if I say that I’ll come off as an idiot.”
Didn’t work.

They eventually caught on and just ignored the interviewer because they realized they’re ignorant and parading ignorance is more stupider or something.

And yes, these people vote. Which explains a lot.


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  • Ed Naile

    Good clip.
    But if Campus Reform could get these people to say what college they graduated from – that would be like a cherry on top.
    If you can associate morons with specific colleges – parents could make decisions.

    • Scott Morales

      That is an excellent point, Ed!

    • Liberal Conservative

      I know some of these “types” of kids….believe me, not all of what they learned was at school…a lot of it was learned from their parents. In almost all cases, their parents are just as bad.

      • I believe this. Some of them comment here.

        • Liberal Conservative

          Indeed they do…some of them that comment here are both “those” parents and “those” teachers at the same time…a double whammy.

      • Ed Naile

        Another sad point about these kids and some of the adultish protesters is that they believe the Earth and all history began the day they were born. They do not look to history for guidance.
        History is reserved for mining accusations against current political opponents.
        They stumble forward with complete confidence they are gifted elites with immeasurable moral authority…
        while they stare blankly into a hand held electronic monitor.

  • Jim Johnson
  • sb

    What is doubly sad is that even if they could define fascism, half of them would have no comprehension that what they (and those encouraging them) are doing is precisely what the definition is. The other half would understand that but would still feel justified in doing so.

  • Radical Moderate

    Great find, thank you Scott!

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