The 603 Alliance Presents: A Reception with James O’Keefe, Author of American Pravda

by Steve MacDonald

American Pravda - James O'KeefeThe 603 Alliance invites you to join us as we welcome James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas.  James will be presenting his new book American Pravda, which exposes the lies that the mainstream media is telling us.  The first 25 advance sale transactions will receive a free signed copy of the book.  In addition, a limited number of books will be available for sale at the event.

Join us on Wednesday, January 31st from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM for a reception featuring James O’Keefe.  The event will be held at Murphy’s Carriage House on Route 101 in Bedford, NH.

Tickets are $35 each
Hors-d’oeuvres + cash bar
Ticket sales will close on January 29th, 6:30 PM
The event will be held Rain or Shine (or Snow!)

Proceeds from this event will benefit the 603 Alliance and its Initiative 18 project, which will provide training, fundraising, and support services to candidates for State Representative throughout New Hampshire.

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  • Had trouble with registration page via link. Worked Ok from website.

    • I just checked all the links and they worked on a laptop. Were you using a mobile device?

  • Don

    It worked for me

  • mrwonderful

    Didn’t this kid get punked on his last “assignment” and have his potential victims turn the tables on him?

    • granitegrok

      You are correct – his investigation of the Washington Post did go sideways. Nobody gets everything 100% all the time. I do know that Twitter is having all kinds of heartburn right now.

      • mrwonderful

        Thanks for confirming my hunch and giving more info – I wasn’t sure what the exact story was.

        • Radical Moderate

          Which definitively proves that even Opo research has to rely on to verify their stories.

          Keep up the good work GG!

          • mrwonderful

            OPO RESEARCH?!?!? SHEESH!!!!

  • Ed Naile

    Having worked with Project Veritas and with James O’Keefe on voter fraud documentation in NH in the past, I would recommend anyone interested in real journalism, not fake news, take this chance to hear him in person.

  • Bruce Currie

    is this a page out of the “Onion”? Or from a script for a new “Twilight Zone”? Serial liar James O’Keefe and his “fight for truth in the era of fake news”. Priceless.

    • Ed Naile

      Yes, you should fear him.
      All leftist should.

    • granitegrok

      I, for one, would like to know of these serial lies (especially as the ‘Grok is in his first book)?

      • Bruce Currie

        Sure. Editing videotape to convey a false or misleading impression is otherwise called “lying”. Here are 3 examples, making them serial lies, and O”Keefe a serial liar:

        1)ACORN—deceptive editing in the supposed ACORN “sting” :
        “O’Keefe used a great deal of editing in the resulting videos. In the interviews, his questions tended to be vague or leading, and frequently received only appropriate responses from the counselors. The segments of the videos that seemed to be the most damaging were edited together – these included such items as the counselors advising them not to tell the police what they did for a living, how to open multiple bank accounts to avoid suspicion, and where to get medical care for the prostitutes. Further, O’Keefe edited in a segment at the beginning that shows him wearing a large fur coat and feathered hat and carrying a cane, (“dressed like a pimp”) whereas in reality he visited the offices in fairly conservative trousers and shirt. The overall idea, of course, was that ACORN was enthusiastically and knowingly helping a pimp oppress prostitutes and break the law.

        “The videos exploded into the media, championed first by Andrew Breitbart on his website Big Government. ACORN fired the employees involved, but this wasn’t enough to curtail the gleeful pouncing of the right wing. Congress stripped away ACORN funding and despite a later investigation that ruled there had been no wrongdoing by the organization, it filed for bankruptcy and closed in November 2010.”

        2)An NPR “sting” video, with selective editing that was too much even for Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”:

        “…the Glenn Beck-founded news site The Blaze even posted a long criticism of the O’Keefe video, illustrating the selective editing that made the NPR executives appear much worse than they really were, and concluding that “even if you are of the opinion, as I am, that undercover reporting is acceptable and ethical in very defined situations, it is another thing to approve of editing tactics that seem designed to intentionally lie or mislead about the material being presented.”

        3) In edited videotape alleging voter fraud in North Carolina:

        “In the first segment, the video describes two non-citizens who are registered to vote in North Carolina, one of whom actually did vote in 2008 and 2010, according to the ballot rolls. Unfortunately for O’Keefe, both people in question are naturalized citizens and so are legal voters…Another demonstration of voter fraud is likewise deeply flawed; an actor obtains a ballot in the name of “Michael G. Bolton,” something that should be impossible because the person in question was dead and shouldn’t be on the voter rolls. However, the unedited version of the video reveals that he actually got the ballot of “Michael G. Bolton Jr..”

        • Ed Naile

          Having been in the editing room with O’Keefe and his team I can tell you first hand that you are offering other’s opinions.
          O’Keefe offered Hassan the entire NH voter fraud tape – handed it over – unedited. Have you seen it?
          That is the problem you have Bruce.
          You are a progressive pontificator and troll.
          At GG we have actually done things in the municipal and political arena – for decades.
          Cut and paste all you want – a troll is a troll.

        • granitegrok

          I agree with Ed – James has always been willing (and in the past, has) posted the full video. I do smile a bit because almost EVERYONE edits video – even us for time purposes. I have also been known to take out snippets from hours long videos (most famously of Bill Binnie having his meltdown in front of the Rochester 9/12 group during a Senate campaign event – but I also posted the full video). Name me any of the alphabet networks that haven’t done similar things as what O’Keefe has done although you don’t take them to task (remember the exploding pickup trucks?).

          And what about his voter fraud here in NH – was that cleverly edited as well?

          • Bruce Currie

            O”Keefe’s M.O. is to edit his videos to convey a false impression–one that is undone when all the footage is seen in the videos referenced, and in others as well. That’s unethical. It isn’t journalism at all–he’s fundamentally dishonest–over and over.

        • Radical Moderate

          So I would then ask you; why wasn’t ACORN filming their own operations for the sake of transparency?
          You would think that’s common sense for any business whether public, private or non-profit.
          Unless that is????

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