US House Votes 364-58 Against Impeachment Resolution

by Steve MacDonald

CongressThe US House tabled a resolution to begin Impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump.

The House on Wednesday tossed aside an attempt by Rep. Al Green to bring articles of impeachment against President Trump.

Many Democrats joined the Republican majority in voting, 364-58, to table the resolution from Mr. Green, Texas Democrat, after Democratic leaders said Mr. Trump’s actions may be upsetting to the party, but that talk of impeachment was premature.

House Democrat leadership opposed the measure, pointing to the ongoing investigations in the body and suggested they be allowed to run their course.  Translation: we get more media support from committees investigating nothing to invalidate the election results than from failing to pass any Impeachment Resolutions.

Fifty-Eight Democrats voted for the measure. We’ll have to see if either of Washington’s ambassadors to NH from the House sided with the minority or did what leadership told them to do.

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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    I’m pretty sure we don’t need to waste time checking the record.

    • granitegrok

      Sigh….but I went ahead and did so….

      • Kathleen LaBonte

        LOL! AND????

        • granitegrok

          I posted it!

          • Kathleen LaBonte

            LOL! OK OK – I just went to Granite Grok and saw your post Skip as a follow-up to curious minds!!! Thanks!

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