UNH Student Admits – Out of State Students Stole Senate Election for Maggie Hassan

by Steve MacDonald

Maggie Hassan - Above the law, like a Clinton.

Yesterday, Ed Mosca beat me to the punch on reporting the latest histrionics from the New Hampshire left. House Bill 372, requires anyone who votes in an election with an out of state ID to obtain an NH ID within 60 days of casting that vote. According to the screeching chorus, that’s a poll tax. But as Ed points out, it isn’t.

The problem with the poll tax argument is that HB 372 does not require the payment of any tax or fee or fine to vote.  Even if you failed to pay your property taxes, or failed to register your car, or hunted without a license or ran a toll booth on the way to the polling place, you still get to vote.  So it’s inaccurate and misleading to claim that HB 372 is a poll tax.

That’s why Snowflake Janowski (above) characterizes HB 372 as a post-election poll tax.  But that characterization is just as inaccurate and misleading.  HB 372 does not involve any post-election check on whether voters are current on their taxes, fines and fees, and then negate the votes of those who are delinquent.  The votes of tax-scofflaws, toll-booth runners and poachers stand.

Ed points to the NH ACLU, pull quotes from the NH Young Democrats, and Dartmouth student Elizabeth Janowski. Over at The New Hampshire (TNH), the UNH campus “paper,” contributing writer Olivia Olbrych, is singing the same song. (I think they all went to the same “meeting.”)

This bill would require that people who vote with an out of state ID (college students, members of the military and temporary workers) who vote in New Hampshire, obtain an NH ID within 60 days of voting in an election. This provision, which is constitutionality is questionable, essentially would create a post-election poll tax because they would be paying motor vehicle fees for their right to vote.

You mean like everyone else who lives and votes here?

There are some other problems with this argument. First, most members of the military and “temporary workers” who are not working in a Democrat political campaign in the Granite State are voting from New Hampshire but not in New Hampshire. They are voting absentee from the address on their out of state ID.

And we know that voting by absentee ballot is not a hardship because New Hampshire Democrats have proposed legislation that would allow absentee voting in every election by anyone.

The insufferable cost and bother of applying postage have not, to my knowledge, been pilloried as a poll tax. Nor has the insufferable cost and bother of packing up some belongings and traveling all the way to New Hampshire to go to UNH.

In the case of “students” with out-of-state ID, the address on that ID is the address from which they applied to attend UNH. It is the billing address for loans and, if the student or their guardian is using a tax-deferred savings plan to finance any or all of that UNH education, it is the address the bank or investment firm submits to the IRS, and the address the IRS will go should someone attempt to commit tax fraud.

It is the address UNH uses to determine if they can screw the “student” with the exorbitant cost of non-residence tuition, a charge which has not, to my knowledge, ever been called a poll tax.

I could go on at length along these lines but I won’t because there is another point to be made from the musing of TNH contributing Writer, Olivia Olbrych.

Additionally, it seems Republicans have a vendetta against college students because the student vote in Durham, with record voter turnout, can claim responsibility for getting Senator Maggie Hassan elected in 2016.

Out-of-state students, paying out-of-state tuition are responsible for electing Maggie Hassan to the US Senate.

Hassan only won by 1000 votes. That means, New Hampshire residents, that Maggie Hassan is ‘Not your Senator.’

She was elected as a result of collusion between New Hampshire Democrats and out of state college students, most of whom are not going to stay here anyway. But if they do, they will need to get an NH ID or an NH driver’s license, just like the rest of us.


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  • Radical Moderate

    Great column Steve!
    “It is the address UNH used to determine if they can screw you with the exorbitant cost of non-residence tuition, a charge which has not, to my knowledge, ever been called a poll tax.”
    – This is the base issue. These people keep throwing dust and leaves up in the air to obfuscate this one basic issue; Are you an out-of-state student? If so you require an absentee ballot since that’s the exact purpose the US Government created them for.
    End of story, it’s that simple, because all the other complaints these weasels bring up have no bearing on the situation.
    All we need is a NH Governor to have the guts to order the Division of Higher Education – Higher Education Commission to demand compliance from NH State Colleges and provide student registration data to the state election commission or they will be in violation of their state charter. Period! I would give them 72 hours to comply. End of story! Stop playing footsie with this Progressive trash. Unfortunately because of the nature of Progressives, especially in academia they only acquiesce to a hard hand.

  • Ed Naile

    A few points about UNH students stealing elections by fraudulently voting and staying on our checklists for years afterwards.
    I caught a Keene State student this week who is currently on the Keene checklist. She is 20 years old and graduates in 2018 – so she will be able to steal another vote or have a person vote in he name, see: Caitlin Ann Legaki.
    On February 3, 2016 she registered in he home state of Ct. The Ct. Presidential Primary was 30 days after she registered, after already being registered here.
    She would not be on the Keene checklist unless she voted in NH’s last general election.
    If she double voted, and that certainly looks like it I have several choices or opportunities.
    I will get her voter history from her town in Ct. next week so I can:
    1. Decide to wait for our next election, wait at the Keen polls and see if she or another shows up for her spot on the checklist.
    2. Turn her in to the town in Ct.
    3. Wait and see if the 196 double state voters NH has caught, since Gardner’s crosscheck at Jasper’s request, includes her name.
    4. Eventually, if NH takes no action, I am going to pick a student/campaign worker to sue personally.
    This week I went to Keene with 22 names of suspected interstate voters. I have evidence of three so far. This young lady is a double voter – which is where a lack of enforcement by NH eventually leads.
    Former AG poster girl Kelly Ayotte had her chance at clean elections and she sided with her good friends – the students.
    A hint:
    None of our new election laws will be in effect in 2018.

    • HammerNH

      Kelly Ayotte also decided to turn her back on her base in the GOP by following Juan McLame and Lindsay Grahamnesty and voted to provide amnesty to ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS.

      • Ed Naile

        If memory serves me, Ayotte also pulled this stunt.
        She prosecuted Gene Chandler for raising money to defray costs of driving from Bartlett every day and being caught in snow storms or being held late at meetings thereby needing a hotel room in Concord.
        It was called his Corn Roast. I went at least once. It was all public, cleared by his attorney. No criminal intent involved.
        But no prosecution or investigation of Ruth Griffin who took cash from a gambling lobbyist for clothes.
        The story was that the statute did not apply to Griffin – which it clearly did.
        That is when I knew what she was.

  • From the quoted student paper article:

    You have a right to participate in government if you plan to stay here for three years, three months or the rest of your life.

    This practically demands a reductio ad absurdum. How about three weeks? Three days? Three hours? …

    • Ed Naile

      Legally, you must establish domicile – not intend to.
      To establish domicile means to take some action to do so.
      This was all settled in 1984 in Supra, Every v, Madison.
      See the CNHT web site for the complete case.
      It was quoted to me by Bill Gardner back in the 90’s.
      I guess he forgot.

  • sb

    Of course I sound like Captain Obvious here but the Dems and colleges want it both ways – the students are in-state for voting but out-of-state for tuition. Mind boggling that neither our governor nor our NH AG is pushing back on this issue!

    • Ed Naile

      The source of this nonsense and illegal interpretation of statue can most likely be found coming from a “Republican” lawyer or two who are trusted by the Party – for some reason.

      • Radical Moderate

        You probably already are hip to this ed, but if you want to trace it all back on the “Establishment Republican” end of the spectrum you will see it all flows right back up stream to the door of the US Chamber(pot) of Commerce and their support for open borders and amnesty. They provide campaign support both financial and strategic to any candidate that sings their traitorous tune.
        Then there are the local NH “Republican dollar chasers” that have a direct financial gain from the influx of a “replacement population” with welfare benefits, the need for housing, untapped government funded college tuition and the newly created credit history which all come with amnesty i.e. citizenship.
        All with previously never having put a cent into the US income tax system. Oh that’s right, with entry into the income tax system now they will qualify to receive the child care tax credit as well.
        Though I dislike Progressive Democrats and they turn my stomach, at least they are open about who they are, but there are no words to describe how much I despise Establishment Republicans that exist within our own Party.

  • Moe Ferrel

    Caitlin Ann Legaki and others who broke the voting law need to be arrested and prosecuted immediately. Its time to throw the book at these people. Its a shame Hassan is allowed to set in office after being elected illegally.

  • Adam Samuels

    These students should lose any financial aid that is based on their home location or UNH should offer in-state tuition –
    whichever matches the reality of the situation. Let’s get real here – some form of fraud is taking place. This is ridiculous – time to settle up.

  • ExNavyNH

    I remember this very well from my time at UNH, in 2012. A lot of folks with strong Massachusetts accents set up tables at the intersections of major sidewalks to convince Massachusetts and New York voters that “your vote counts more in a swing state!”, even in cases where they intended to drive home to vote. Then I had the distinct pleasure of walking past them to go sit in a study area to work, and listening to a professor from out of state, talking to a student from out of state, about how great it was that the Republican voter suppression efforts had failed right before the election. I had to get up and leave.

    • Bryan W

      In other words, they know they are stealing elections. All the screaming and hand-waving is theatre.

      • Ed Naile

        There is a cadre of “professors” that have been encouraging voter fraud by students for ages.
        Kids in school are loath to rat them out.
        You would need hidden cameras to catch them. except Chuck Weed from Keene State. He got caught in 2006 – no prosecution.
        See how it works?

  • Ben

    I suspected as much with almost every democrat who won election last year.

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