A list to Annoy Liberals (Trigger Warning)

by Steve MacDonald

smirking-trumpc/o Twitchy the most powerful person in the White House Press Office (a woman) wants to know what was the most underreported story of Mr. Trumps first year in office?

Some folks added a few more suggestions.

Driving the ruling class nuts and giving the media more than enough rope to repeatedly hang itself also come to mind. I’m sure you’ve got other suggestions. I know the trolls do.


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  • granitegrok

    Putting YOUNG originalist / conservative judges on the Circuit of Appeals in place will help destroy the Administrative State for a long time to come. I wish that Congress would codify his E.O. on his 2-1 regulation kill shots (doing far better on that ratio thus far).
    Let’s also add his complete turnaround at the UN of Obama’s bowing submission to tinpot dictators and despots and standing up for America instead of always apologizing for it.

  • Bryan W

    Now if he will overturn the EO that allows fed employees to unionize.. And fire anyone who shows they are part of the deep state.

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