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Fake Russia Collusion News Trap Snaps

Image Credit- Snopes

Fake News backfires on ABC as the Russian Collusion Trap Snaps on its first victim.

ABC News announced Saturday that Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross had been suspended for four weeks without pay over a botched “exclusive” about former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Ross’ suspension is effective immediately. ABC News spokeswoman Heather Riley would not comment on whether anyone else had been suspended in connection with the error.

Meanwhile, over at the FBI division of Mueller-Russia-Find-Something, anything, the shotty “integrity” of the Deep State tries to hide under a rock.

Stories in both the Washington Post and New York Times on Saturday reported that Peter Strzok, who played a key role in the original FBI investigation into the Trump-Russia matter, and then a key role in Mueller’s investigation, and who earlier had played an equally critical role in the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation, was reassigned out of the Mueller office because of anti-Trump texts he exchanged with a top FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, with whom Strzok was having an extramarital affair. 

So an anti-Trump FBI agent on Mueller’s payroll is cheating on their spouse with an anti-Trump FBI lawyer, busted because they were sharing anti-trump tweets. Mueller quietly moves the agent off the job, but is that the only one? Probably not.

And after a year of looking the best they’ve got is a guy (Michael Flynn) who may have misrepresented his instructions to open up a diplomatic dialogue with Russia about dealing with the problems in the Middle East?

But back to Brian Ross.

ABC and Ross are all apologies now, after the media, the internet, and low information voters were deluged with breaking fake news that is still out there despite the mea culpa. And we have to ask if there was an editorial decision in advance to make a story something it was not and take the hits after the fact for the benefit of flooding the blogosphere with links to a false story?

The reverse of this is asking who in the process from investigation to evaluation to confirmation to publication stepped up and said, dudes and dudettes this the very sort of reporting Mr. Trump has been talking about for years. Do we want to feed his narrative?

This leads us inevitably to one possible conclusion.

The Democrat media is so rabid with a desire to decertify the impossible election that they will do or say anything if it has even the slightest chance of sticking.

Brian Ross is just Dan Rather or Brian Williams, or any of the thousand natural shocks the progressive media will take to sell the Democrat party narrative.

And we know the FBI is littered with people who are spending millions of taxpayer dollars (which is only a concern when Democrats are under investigation) with their credibility compromised.

This means the trap is not done snapping and that the left will not just continue sticking their foot int it, they can’t help themselves.

More popcorn, please.