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Democrats Suddenly Don’t Want Public Education Used as a Political Weapon?

Frank Edelblut
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Dave Solomon, writing in the Union Leader, opens a State House Dome Column titled “‘Edelblut bill’ aims to restrain commissioners” on the matter of Democrat-sponsored SB 466. The Legislation is supposed to keep the State’s Commissioners from engaging in political activity like running for or holding elective office, serving as the officer of a political party or political committee, using his or her name in support of or in opposition to a candidate, participating in or contribute to political campaigns or acting as a lobbyist.”

The State Democrat party, lending its voice to Solomon’s article, proceeds to beclown itself in epic fashion.

The state Democratic Party issued a statement on Friday accusing Edelblut of “systematically transforming the New Hampshire Department of Education into a political weapon.”

Democrats suddenly don’t want public education used as a political weapon? Seriously?

The entire progressive Education Industrial Complex is a political weapon and has been for decades.

So here’s the companion bill that says that no person earning a taxpayer-funded paycheck working in public education (including universities), nor any dues-paying member or elected or appointed official of a Teachers Union shall run for or hold elective office, serve as the officer of a political party or political committee, use his or her name in support of or in opposition to a candidate, participate in or contribute to political campaigns or act as a lobbyist?”

That’ll never happen.

They’d lose millions of dollars and a whole lot of in-kind contributions in the form of ready-made ax-grinders, sign-holders, and letter-writers.

And where would they be without the snowflakes who pout and fret and protest and fill the ranks fo thugs in groups like Antifa?

Those are all political weapons created by the Democrat Party and the Teachers unions.

Solomon goes on to report that,

What may have been the last straw for some came on Dec. 19, when Eldelbut used his official government Twitter account to respond to a tweet from Pappas, now a candidate for Congress in the First District.

At 4:05 p.m., Pappas, alluding to the passage of the tax reform bill in Congress, tweeted: “We need investments in our future and a level playing field for the middle class, but Congress gives us the #TaxScam. 2018 starts now.”

Within minutes, Edelblut tweeted: “Hey @ChrisPappasNH, how about this investment in our future. 2600 NH students participating in a coding competition.” The tweet included a photo of students from the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition taking place at the time.

The State House website shows that SB 466 was filed the next day, on Dec. 20.

That’s using public education as a political weapon? I don’t get it.

What I do get is that a partisan group in an elected political body drafted SB466 as a political weapon to silence Frank Edelblut and he should feel honored.

Almost every member of the Democrat State Senate is willing to try and take those options off the table for every executive branch commissioner just to try and silence him.


They think he’s a threat to their partisan agenda. They are afraid of how effective he could continue to be if they don’t find a way to tie his hands.

This could all get very interesting.