Is It Time for Some New Trolls?

Not Sure if troll or just very stupidThe moderators at Granite Grok have allowed trolls to gum up the works of the comments section for a long time. These trolls have a pattern of behavior which is easy to see. It is tedious, repetitive, repetitive, and repetitive.

The saddest of our trolls live in Boulder, Colorado, couch surfing at a private home of some poor woman who appears to have as many emotional problems as our troll.

I took up countering this troll’s pathetic comments and attacks against Doug Lambert when he started in against Scott Morales. As an education tool in showing readers who have not dealt with mental cases, who pose as real commenters, my goal was to expose what they do as well as the pattern. When it came to Kevin Beck and his alter-egos I was merely going to let him do the work on his own.

Here are some examples of why Mr. Beck comes to this site, besides the fact that he may get two comments a year on his own “excremental” experimental site.

To understand Mr. Beck, you need to know he is an alcoholic obsessed with excrement, anuses, sex organs, and all things scatological – while at the same time he feels he is a superior human being just by sharing this obsession.

In this blog post he describes why he comments on GG, his other obsession:


Kevin Beck’s tribute to me. Another obsession.

Try and not notice his obsession with excrement and flatulence. He also thinks his being emaciated is sexy. Now that is funny.

Then there’s Jeemo, another guy from Boulder with an excrement obsession who shops at the same stores as Kevin??

I think fake trolls have had a good run here and we should bid this batch farewell. Other trolls will undoubtedly take up the cause. We can make sport of them.

Let’s have a changeup once in a while.


Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).