Steve Bannon Questions Voter Integrity in New Hampshire - Granite Grok

Steve Bannon Questions Voter Integrity in New Hampshire

Steve Bannon - 603 Alliance Fundraiser

The Liberals are losing their minds over Steve Bannon’s visit to New Hampshire, and between calling everyone white supremacists and ignoring their own hate, the sharpest thorn in their paw (at the moment) are his widely (only partially) reported remarks about voter integrity in the Granite State.

The actual remarks are only about three minutes long but the media still managed to cherry pick the details. Thankfully, we’ve got the full audio and video, and we can share his complete remarks.

Mr. Bannon’s details come from published reports here We’ve got related some data and commentary here, here, here, and here; not that any amount of number crunching or analysis will change the minds of Democrats. But that’s not what scares them.

This subject sends progressives off the deep end every time it comes up because it might change the minds of those independents, or the undecided unaffiliated Granite State voters New Hampshire State Party Chair Ray Buckley called White Supremacists. If they turn out to vote Democrats lose elections. Elections they, perhaps, never should have won in the first place.

Search this site (GraniteGrok) for “vote fraud,” “elections fraud,” and “voter fraud” for scores of articles pointing to suspicious or suspect activity going back more than a decade.

A suspicious person would wonder why, if there’s nothing to it, they would make such a big deal?

If none of that means anything, why get so upset?

They’re guilty, that’s why.

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