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Now, More than Ever We Need Initiative 18

603 alternate banner 4The Democrats won two more House special elections in New Hampshire yesterday improving their numbers in the legislature.

Two special elections were suited as tests to see whether the Republican Party could stem its series of defeats in the General Court.

So far in 2017, Republicans have lost eight of 10 special elections, including seven of nine in the General Court. Ultimately, the Democrats took seats on the ballot in Hillsborough District 15 as well as Sullivan District 1.

As the 2018 Elections approach the 603 Alliance, in conjunction with political leaders and groups across the state is investing in not just reversing this trend but building a coalition of legislative members that will support small government leadership in the New Hampshire House.

Your property rights, free speech, right to self-defense, and the Live Free or Die New Hampshire Advantage is all that’s at stake. Will you answer the call and defend not just the Republican majority but an effort to create a stronger small government majority.

You can help us promote liberty, free enterprise, free markets, and personal responsibility by donating to the 603 Alliance here.

If you are a conservative or libertarian activist or political leader and are interested in how you can help Initiative 18, in ways other than donations, please contact us at PO Box 3517 – Concord, NH 03302, call (603) 369-4068, or email at