We Might Learn A Few Things About Bezos

by Ed Naile

Roy Moore Senate candidateMaybe it’s just me, but the recent accusations against Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore are four weeks out from the election Dec. 12. That is a long time in which evidence of criminal behavior from almost 40 years ago can be reviewed by voters.

If this is a hit job by the Bezos Post, as I think it might be, it could explode in the faces of the Republicans calling for Moore’s head.

I hope so.

Justice Clarence Thomas went through this same scenario with his accuser, who landed a pretty soft, high paying gig afterward. Remember Vernon Jordan offering Monika Kneepads a job at Revlon? Yea, like that. Washington works that way.

The woman making the anti-Moore accusations has a past – and is around to explain a few things.

Roy Moore has a past, and it includes many opportunities for opponents to out him for any unacceptable or illegal activities from his past, but this campaign-ending accusation hasn’t happened until now.

Four weeks is forever in our 24/7 news cycle.

Roy Moore has a chance to fight fake charges. The Bezos Post may have jumped the gun.

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  • Moe Ferrel

    You should re-listen to Moore’s interview with Sean Hannity and pay closer attention. Moore couldn’t keep his story straight even with Sean giving him leading questions. He admitted dating 16 year olds when he was in his 30’s and couldn’t “remember” if he “dated” the 14 year old. A person who isn’t guilty says “no” and doesn’t give the Clinton answer “I can’t remember”. He tried to rationalize dating young girls by saying “I always asked their mothers”. Being a father of daughters, his answers gave me the creeps. Secondly, the girl had told her mother and her friends at the time it happened. She didn’t come forward, a reporter found her. From what I also heard tonight, one of her friends seemed to have kept a high school diary with the conversation about Moore included in it. If this is true, Moore is finished.

    This Senate seat is too important to screw up. The governor of Alabama has the right to delay the election. From what I’ve heard tonight she seems to be leaning that way in order to give Moore a chance to drop out of the race. Moore had my support because of his fight against sodomy marriage, the 2nd Amendment, and abortion but the GOP can’t afford to ride over the cliff with him.

    • Ed Naile

      I didn’t hear the interview. But I will check it out – as well as the history of the woman who is the center of the expose’, the Bezos Post reporter who interviewed 30 women, and anything else that comes to light.
      Ultimately, Alabama voters will as well.
      And someone should ask Moore’s opponent if he had any knowledge of the Bezos Post hunting for “opposition research” in Alabama.
      With all the fake Russian hooker stories Trump had to put up with that might be worth exploring.
      Remember, Herman Cain and Gary Bower went through this same deal. It gets a bit sketchy to take last minute allegations against conservatives at face value every time.

    • Moe, do not expect for a second to puncture the conspiracy theories of an unstable ideologue.

      I think I like Roy Moore for the simple reason that his behavior and that of his supporters hammers home the abject moral confusion of Evangelicals.

      Half of the people defending him say he didn’t do what his accuser says he did (while blaming the Washington Post instead of, for now, the woman herself) but add that if he *had* done it would have been OK; the other half use the same logic in a slightly different way, arguing from the idea that 32-year-old men “asking teenagers on dates” is, or was, not problematic but that *of course* ol’ Roy never did any such thing.

      The least these dimwits could do is get their stories straight.


      “Judge Moore never would have done such a reprehensible thing”

      OR SAY:

      “Judge Moore did that but NBD.”

      The fact that they are playing on both sides of this messed-up net, along with the fact that Moore himself has not said anything about his accuser yet, suggests that Moore is going to ‘fess up to this and worse, and party right on toward the Senate. He has a long history of daring the legal system to stem the flow of his various outrages and not backing off until he literally has no choice. He’s going to be a vicious thorn in the side of Mitch McConnell if he’s elected on Dec, 12, and I’m sure he will be because Alabama is basically Afghanistan and a lot of its people are yawping dunces raised on a toxic diet of Old Testament morality and misguided regional pride. I don’t know what else to call a place in which people are cool with 32-year-olds “dating” “women” who are half their age yet prohibits the sale of sex toys. Actually, “Alabamastan” has a fun ring to it.

  • Ed Naile

    Here we go.
    Bezos post reporter has a history:
    If Moore can stack up enough evidence that the Bezos Post offered money for a story, as is one unsubstantiated claim so far, things could get interesting.
    One woman’s Democrat connection is already proven. Odd that a young lady from such a small town, that happened to be where Moore is from, would work for Democrat candidates. It was odd that Herman Cain’s accuser was a next door neighbor of Axelrod – but after all, it is a small planet.
    Opposition research reporter – meet anti-Moore Democrat employee.
    The story falls apart about giving booze to a minor in a restaurant – in a dry county as well.
    Moore could see this turn on Democrats before the election.

    • Moe Ferrel

      The county wasn’t dry in 1979 and the pizza parlor in question served wine at the time. This from Fox about 5 min ago.

      • Ed Naile

        More facts can’t hurt.
        At least Fox is digging from that angle.
        Moore sat for an extensive interview and each word and statement can be researched – and I assume will be to the molecular level.
        Time for some other people involved to do the same.
        Four weeks left.

        • Moe Ferrel

          I just heard it again. Alcohol sales began in Etowah County in 1972 and the alleged incident was in 1979.. Moore seems to be his own worst enemy. He needs to realize the lib hatchet men are listening to his every word. If he can’t keep his story straight he should keep quiet and let his lawyer take care of it.

          • Ed Naile

            Just when you think you have it figured out:
            The girl’s mother says she had no “phone in her room” – after her repeated statements Moore called her by using the phone “in her room.”
            Mom wasn’t much help.
            I think having the three other pastors she said approached her for sex going public would shed some light on this. Plenty of time left.
            Such a small town in a rural state – everybody knows everybody.

  • Ed Naile

    Time for Roy Moore to go public with the three other pastors his accuser has made claims about over the years.
    Megan Kelley can have the women on her show. That would be interesting.
    Next up, the Bezos Post Reporter. How did you find the Hillary employee so quickly??
    Think of the press coverage this will get.
    Donna Brazil’s book is a long lost memory already.
    Let’s do it!

  • Ed Naile

    And now this from Roy Moore accuser:
    Scrubbing her anti-Moore postings???
    What is that all about?
    She has been working on Democrat campaigns since 2012. I wondered how the Bezos Post found her so easily – the checks are all the same.

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  • mike

    I don’t believe accusations that come up so close to the vote that there is not time for a real investigation. The Washington Post is known to be an arm of the far Left. I would not let these claims change my vote. The Democrats play dirty, and we all know it. Ignore them, and the RINOs who always support them.

    • Alejandra

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