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We Might Learn A Few Things About Bezos

Roy Moore Senate candidateMaybe it’s just me, but the recent accusations against Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore are four weeks out from the election Dec. 12. That is a long time in which evidence of criminal behavior from almost 40 years ago can be reviewed by voters.

If this is a hit job by the Bezos Post, as I think it might be, it could explode in the faces of the Republicans calling for Moore’s head.

I hope so.

Justice Clarence Thomas went through this same scenario with his accuser, who landed a pretty soft, high paying gig afterward. Remember Vernon Jordan offering Monika Kneepads a job at Revlon? Yea, like that. Washington works that way.

The woman making the anti-Moore accusations has a past – and is around to explain a few things.

Roy Moore has a past, and it includes many opportunities for opponents to out him for any unacceptable or illegal activities from his past, but this campaign-ending accusation hasn’t happened until now.

Four weeks is forever in our 24/7 news cycle.

Roy Moore has a chance to fight fake charges. The Bezos Post may have jumped the gun.