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Massachusetts Taxes Ride-Sharing to Pay Off Taxi Companies

UberLast year Massachusetts passed a law taxing ride-sharing services. A portion of the fee, according to the law, is diverted to Taxi companies, to develop “new technologies and advanced service, safety and operational capabilities.”

The law levies a 20-cent fee in all, with 5 cents for taxis, 10 cents going to cities and towns and the final 5 cents designated for a state transportation fund.

According to Reuters, “The 5-cent fee will be collected through the end of 2021. Then the taxi subsidy will disappear, and the 20 cents will be split by localities and the state for five years. The whole fee will go away at the end of 2026.”

So, Taxxachusetts is going to let a source of revenue that feeds a cartel and funds state and local government sunset?

Does anyone believe that?

If your answer is yes then you probably also believe that Chicago’s ride-sharing tax hike will be “dedicated specifically to mass transit and mass transit improvements.”

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