Because Dancing Leads to Intercourse - Granite Grok

Because Dancing Leads to Intercourse

Princeton Dance Floor Consent Poster

A friend of mine once scribbled idly on a piece of paper (about 30 years ago), “Because Baptists believe intercourse leads to dancing.”  He was joking about how some Baptists believe dancing leads to intercourse. Alcohol increases the risk, and underage drinking is not prohibited at Princeton (not exactly), so perhaps that is why they (Princeton), or more specifically Sexual Harassment Assault/Advising, Resources & Education (SHARE), are taking the consent to dancing thing so seriously?

I think it is more likely that they are giving you another peek behind the curtain. University “culture” is the end to which progressive social engineering will come everywhere it is permitted.

My advice? ‘Just Say No!’ to the social engineering, that is.

Princeton Image c/o the Volokh Conspiracy