College Student's Anti-Free Speech Move Could Land them In Jail for A Year - Granite Grok

College Student’s Anti-Free Speech Move Could Land them In Jail for A Year

militant-snowflakeA UC Riverside Student (Edith Macias) snatched a Make America Great Again hat off another student and then proceeded to go into a vulgar rant, on video, which will now serve as evidence against the student for charges that could land them in jail for a year.

“According to California’s Penal Code 487, grand theft is committed when “the property is taken from the person of another.”

A local law group further explains that the statute applies to cases where the property “was taken directly off of the property owner, no matter how much the property is worth …”

Here’s the vulgarity filled rant that followed (with lots of asterisks).

“So this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this f***ing hat,” the student who stole the hat states in the video. “Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing, You know what this represents? This represents genocide—genocide of a bunch of people.”

The student also refused to return the hat to the property owner until it was retrieved by a school administrator who later restored its rightful possession.

“F*** your f***ing freedom of speech, boy,” Macias told Vitale. “F***it. F*** it because your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there. That’s what it is, because you’re out there wearing hats like these that promote laws and legislations that literally kill and murder in the masses people of color.”

Tolerance and diversity and F-Bombs, oh my. (Video at this link)

No point waiting for the evidence of genocide. This is a person who supports candidates backed by an actual Nazi (George Soros), opposes a guy who is probably the biggest supporter and defender of Israel, and is okay with keeping entire nations of people of color from easy access to affordable energy so they can claw their way out of the third world (in the name of saving the planet).

The DA is seeking the grand theft charge under California law, but will the perp get the time? We won’t know until March and almost anything could happen by then.