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Alicia Neely Gets Her Job Back

Update to Kimberly Morin’s October 31 post on the Grok: Alicia Neely has been reinstated to her job at the Sununu Youth Center. The formal announcement from Governor Sununu does not indicate if she’ll get back pay.

See Morin’s October 25 post at New Hampshire Political Buzz for a summary of the case – the odd arrest of Neely on an inexplicable child-endangerment charge (later dropped) regarding her storage of a firearm, and her termination from employment at the Sununu Youth Center.

Today’s announcement was a joint statement by DHHS Commissioner Jeffrey A. Meyers and Governor Sununu.

“Upon further review by the Attorney General and the Department of Health and Human Services of the termination of Alicia Neely, and in light of the fact that the charges against Ms. Neely were dismissed, the leadership of the Sununu Youth Center has reinstated Ms. Neely to her former position,” said Commissioner Meyers.

“Common sense has prevailed in New Hampshire,” said Governor Sununu. “On my instruction, the Attorney General’s office reviewed this matter. Upon conclusion of that review, the decision was made to reinstate Ms. Neely to her prior position. I thank Attorney General MacDonald and all those who advocated on Ms. Neely’s behalf. I am pleased that we were able to do the right thing, for Ms. Neely and her children, on the cusp of this holiday season.”

Among those who advocated for Neely’s cause are Senators Kevin Avard and Bob Giuda and Executive Councilor David Wheeler. That’s not a bad team to have on hand when common sense needs a boost.