Who Needs Permission?

by Ellen Kolb

The Joint Legislative Committee on Legislative Rules voted today to accept a New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Medicaid rule change, providing coverage for gender-altering procedures.

Substance of the rule aside, what amazes me is the process by which it came about. The administrative side of government is the one I know least about, and sitting in the committee room today as the vote was cast was an eye-opener.

This rule change came to light when some folks on the New Hampshire Healthy Families insurance plan (Medicaid) got a letter from DHHS last July, announcing that procedures associated with “gender reassignment” would be covered. Done deal.

That was a few weeks before DHHS had a public hearing on a new Medicaid rule letting such coverage go into effect. Once DHHS had its hearing, the new rule went to JLCAR for today’s vote.

JLCAR has only a few legal grounds for rejecting a proposed rule, and apparently “putting a rule into effect before a public hearing” isn’t one of them.

Bureaucrats, learn from your DHHS peers: it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. And sometimes you don’t even need to worry about forgiveness.

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  • Medicaid “expansion” takes on a whole new meaning. Well, good thing we’ve got all that extra money laying around to pay for regualr Medica….wait a minute.

  • Reddiaperbaby

    Well I think we should stop paying for your high blood pressure pills and heart disease pills, after all those french fries you had for dinner last night are very avoidable.

    • Liberal Conservative

      Except when these conditions you mentioned are hereditary, right? Also, more to the point, I fail to understand how gender reassignment/altering is a necessary procedure that I should pay for? If you want it, knock yourself out…but I don’t want to help pay for it.

      • Reddiaperbaby

        You can treat high blood pressure and heart disease with diet and excercise, if you have a BMI of 26 and still have it….sure then I’ll pay for your pills.

        Gender reassignment surgery is the only cure for Gender/Body Dysmorphic disorder which is a legit psychological issue found in the DSM manual. I have my own issues with that manual, but the minute we start picking and hosing who or what diseases we cover the quicker we become an elitist society where on the rich become treated.

        • Guest

          You are correct sir. Thanks for making the Conservative point. I am all for restricting the services provided by the Government. The fewer services they provide the better for everyone.

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