Twelve Lousy Things To Remember – And They Forgot The Most Important One

by Ed Naile

Rule number 7Let me take the Alinsky crowd to school.

  1. You are not going to disarm the American public. Every time you try and use a shooting – except in Chicago because you won there, as a wedge issue, the Second Amendment gets stronger. That is why the infantile demand for the elimination of the Second Amendment is your last, desperate, Hail Mary pass.
  2. Trump just tackled the NFL; they look like idiot children wearing mismatched socks.
  3. Your team of Democrat dinosaur leaders spends precious time they could be on The View, waiting for UPS to deliver unmarked packages of special underpants. They lost their edge years ago.
  4. Barry is not your savior. He is a greedy narcissist who abandoned you.
  5. You have the worst perfect loser candidate in history who has morphed into a political canker sore – on both of your lips.
  6. Bernie is a greedy, egomaniacal, socialist – like most socialists. He isn’t even in your party.

And here comes #7!

You remember #7, don’t you, you foundering Alinskyites?

#7, According to Saul Alinsky and Satan:

#7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. “ Don’t become old news.

Since I have, off and on, been subjected to Alinsky style attacks by leftists for several decades, I have learned a few things.

The thing I noticed about progressives who have lost their way is:

Saul Alinsky’s bible for blowhards has no chapter on how to lose.

This is what losing looks like when progressives do it.

They scream. They riot. They name-call. They make no sense at all. They attack, attack, attack, with no rhyme or reason – just emotion.

Listen to Hillary for half an hour and see for yourself how confused, directionless, and silly they sound.

What a drag.

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  • mer

    At least “xir” not in drag.

  • Bryan W

    Like out-of-control toddlers in the midst of an epic temper tantrum, in the middle of the grocery store, at 10:30 AM on Saturday. If you have kids, you know what I mean. I remember several times having to leave the store because a kid was having a meltdown.

    • Ed Naile

      If some computer wiz would only do some side by side videos of snowflakes and two year olds having hissy fits it would be delightful.
      I am the oldest of seven kids. I know what a two year old’s temper tantrum looks like – just like a college kid who thinks a campus is mommy’s house.

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