Trump Rolls Back Obama Contraceptive Mandate

by Steve MacDonald

birth controlThe Trump Administration has just eliminated the ObamaCare contraceptive mandate.

The Trump administration said Friday it will let a vast universe of employers duck Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate by claiming a religious or moral objection, a long-awaited move that will enthuse pro-life conservatives and enrage advocates who say women’s rights to birth control are being threatened.

Under the new regulation, employers who assert a good-faith objection to having their insurance plans pay for contraception will be exempt so long as they notify their employees of the change, the Health and Human Services Department said.

Democrats are freaking out, of course. How will “women” get birth control if their employer isn’t forced to provide it? I don’t know, with some of the money they earn from their jobs?

If they don’t like that they could find work for a business that forces others to backstop the cost of their sex life. And be sure to ask about that during the interview but remember that it’s only sexist if asking gets you the job. Then you can sue them for hiring you.

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  • roger

    The amount of insurers who will stop covering contraceptives 100%? I’ll bet zero, because it’s cheaper to cover a pill that costs pennies, than it is to pay for a baby being born. It’s not brain surgery, it’s preventative care.

    • granitegrok

      “Preventative care” – I hear a lot of pro-contraceptive Progressives consider pregnancy a disease (it has to be a disease if it is “preventative care”). Actually, pregnancy’s “preventative care” is rather cheap and at zero cost – just say no. After all, being humans, can’t we control our emotions?

      • roger

        Well I live in the real world. Where do you live?

  • Moe Ferrel

    I hate to bring it up, but what about Viagra? What’s “good for the goose is good for the gander”. The problem with Trump is he’s playing to the religious right only and not the rest of the party. Our problem is the deficit and all the freebies being given out by the federal government like candy on Halloween. Yes, women should be paying for their own birth control but damn it so should the men be paying for their Viagra. Trump has made the Bryan Fischer’s of the world happy but pissed off a bunch of conservative women by treating them differently than the men. Trump needs to go out there and kill Obamacare once and for all. All he has to do is not shell out the November reimbursement payments to the insurance companies and the whole think will collapse. You do remember these payments are unconstitutional in the first place. We have to kill this healthcare monster before it kills us.

    • granitegrok

      I really don’t know, but is Viagra a Govt MANDATE? It’s one thing to have it covered – it’s another thing to FORCE it to be covered. Personally, I don’t think it should be covered – pay for your own jollies.

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