Trump Ends Illegal ObamaCare Bailout Payments to Insurance Companies

by Steve MacDonald

Trump ObamaCare - ending bailoutsIn this day and age, it’s interesting to see all three branches of government agree on something. Bailing out insurance companies against the will of the court and Congress is coming to an end.

The payments had specifically been denied by Congress but President Obama had made them anyway, drawing a rebuke from a court who said he was overstepping his powers. The case has raged for months, and both the Obama and Trump administrations had continued making payments — until now.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in a statement, said the Justice Department has concluded the judge’s ruling is correct, and there is no valid legal ability to make the payments.

What does this mean for ObamaCare?

Without that estimated 7 billion in rent-money, insurers would have to go to customers to cover the actual cost of the coverage ObamaCare mandates. Already sky-rocketing rates would go higher. Or maybe not.

The move comes just hours after Mr. Trump signed an executive order pushing his administration to allow association health plans, which would allow individuals and small businesses to join up and purchase insurance on the group market across state lines.

Association plans are a boon for those struggling with high-cost plans, though analysts say it could sap those customers — and their high premiums — from existing markets, leaving the sick and elderly to pay more because their costs are no longer subsidized by the healthy.

Combined, the association health plans and the renunciation of cost-sharing payments amount to Mr. Trump ripping the band-aid off Obamacare, forcing Congress to confront the program with all the warts it’s sprouted over the years.

ObamaCare gave s much authority to the executive branch that Presidents and Secretary’s shall-ing this or that in and out of existence will continue to plague us until Congress “takes T-Bird away.”

Will Congress bite this time?

Trump’s move to end the payments is what Congress wanted. The court claims they are illegal. Obama continued to make them because he had to to keep his signature legislation from imploding ‘too soon.’

But make no mistake. ObamaCare was built to bring down the health insurance industry while creating a massive federal bureaucracy that was meant to manage the single-payer system that would replace it. That’s been progressing as planned and will continue to do so if Congress does nothing.

I don’t think Trump wants single-payer, what he wants is the Republican majority to get John McCain’s head out of his ass, or their ass, along with the handful of other RINO’s roaming the U.S. Senate, and get to repealing that Democrat rammed-through disaster.

Insurance companies have even less incentive to tolerate ObamaCare (instead of anything else) now that those bailouts are ending.

It also forces Congress to do something and does it by acceding to “their wishes.”

Democrats can complain about the impact of rising premiums if they want but Trump will rightly blame their party for creating the curse disguised as a cure.

Republicans could complain but if they don’t also do something rising premiums could jeopardize their majority incentivizing them to act sooner rather than later.

Well Played, Mr. Trump. Well played.

Now let us see how thw weasels in Congress respond.

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