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NH Committee Approves Waiver Requesting Work Requirement for Expanded Medicaid in NH

Bradley care full size Medic adeNew Hampshire’s Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee is getting a good deal of attention for rubber-stamping a state HHS rule that puts taxpayers on the hook for Sex reassignment surgery. Medicaid is not exactly known for its generous coverage, so I’m not sure who in the sexual reassignment industry is going to line up to that shallow trough, but I guess we’re going to find out whether we like it or not.

On a more positive note, the committee agreed to submit a request for a waiver to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services that would allow New Hampshire to add a work Requirement for those seeking eligibility for expanded Medicaid.

Republican Majority Leader Dick Hinch (Merrimack) observed in a statement today that,

“This provision protects taxpayers and provides an incentive for childless, able-bodied citizens to participate in the workforce if they are to be enrolled in the program. Our state needs workers, and this creates a pathway between program participants and our business community looking to fill jobs in this growing economy,” said Hinch.

“The budget bill that included the work requirement language passed with a bipartisan vote. It is the position of this legislature and the law of the state that we submit this waiver application, and we believe this is a reasonable personal responsibility measure.”

I can’t speak to whether the waiver will be accepted but we should cross our fingers. While New Hampshire screwed itself over getting into that sinking boat one of the best ways to get them off “expanded” Medicaid is a job.

Another next step that could help would be to “contract” Medicaid so that we don’t need to ask for waivers for ‘able-bodied childless adults.’

If none of that works out, we could still save money by offering free tickets on a bus named “Saving The New Hampshire Advantage” that stops in Massachusetts and New York. The ‘package’ could include the “identity” of an illegal alien, their illegal driver’s license, illegal voter registration card, and sanctuary in either of those dominions along with all the other “benefits” afforded the new status.