Keene Students Should Declare “Sanctuary” for Prohibited “visitors” During Pumpkin Festival Weekend

by Steve MacDonald

Welcome to KeeneKeene (police) State College is prohibiting family and friends of students from visiting the campus over the weekend of the upcoming pumpkin festival. Any visitors who are not registered will be “deported” and the student fined $100.00 per violation.The administration and campus security site concerns about the safety of “locals” from the threat of crime or violence.

One student posted a petition online but I think a better course of action would be to declare sanctuary for all “undocumented students” who find themselves inside Keene State’s borders on the days in question.

It also would be appropriate to insist that the administration not only pay to bring in any additional family members of those already there, but offer them food, housing, and pay basic expenses for the duration of their ‘stay.’

Asking suspected ‘visitors’ for any sort of identification should be considered racist.

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  • Samsquanch

    At least someone is finally acknowledging that Keene State is the problem.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Just WOW! Can’t wait to see how THAT is enforced! Makes me want to go there and wear a tee that I’m a grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, 2nd and 3rd cousin of a Keene State Students.

  • 175jfs

    After the last disaster, small wonder they are running scared. Communist mindset at its finest.


    According to the article by Meghan Pierce in the Union Leader, the ban seems to be against having guests in residence halls (dorms as we ancient parents used to call them) over the pumpkin fest weekend, not against allowing parents or other relatives of tuition paying students to “visit” the campus. Speaking as both a former college student and a parent of a college student, whenever my wife and I would visit our daughter while she was attending college, we would stay in a hotel for two reasons. 1. There was no way on this earth my wife would agree to staying in a dorm room even if it was our daughter’s, and 2. There was no way our daughter would let us stay in her dorm room.

  • Jim Johnson

    The real issue is why college administrators respond with militant dictator style enforcement that rebukes the law abiding for the ‘crimes perpetrated by the few’?

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