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Gov. of ‘Sanctuary State’ Declares Hepatitis A Outbreak State of Emergency

Jerry BrownGovernor Moonbeam Jerry Brown’s open borders, sanctuary state is in the news again.

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday declared a state of emergency to control a hepatitis A outbreak.

Last month, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency declared local outbreaks in September. The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency began issuing health alerts about the virus in May.

A third world problem comes to a first world sanctuary state? No kidding, really?

Santa Cruz County has had at least 73 cases of the virus since April, San Diego County has had 490 cases and 18 deaths, and Los Angeles County has had 10 cases, eight of which were linked to outbreaks in the other two counties.

Eighteen dead, so far.

Over at USA Today, they report that,

California has distributed 81,000 federally-funded vaccine doses since the outbreak began and local jurisdictions have acquired more but the supply is insufficient, Chavez said.

But, according to Jerry Brown, the federally-funded supply of vaccines is inadequate.

So, California wants more federal money to pay for vaccines to backstop an open borders policy that violates federal law.

Chew on the irony of that while you consider this. While my search cannot be called exhaustive, I have yet to find the word immigrant in any of the reporting related to the outbreak.

None of the major media reporting I checked suggested a source for the spread other than the default,

Hepatitis A is usually spread by mouth through contact with objects, food or drinks contaminated by the feces of an infected person. 

And that,

California is experiencing the largest hepatitis A outbreak in the United States transmitted from person to person — instead of by contaminated food — since the vaccine became available in 1996. 

The homeless (they have homeless in Jerry Brown’s utopia?), and drug users are reportedly hit hardest.

The outbreak was caused by strains of the 1B genetic subtype, which is rare in the United States and more commonly found in the Mediterranean and South Africa. It is spread through contact with feces, putting people with inadequate access to sanitation at highest risk.

It’s common in most of Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and everywhere(actually) except for a handful of Western-style Democracies. Oh, and now it’s common in Southern California.