A Tale of Two Types of Voters

by Ed Naile

Licenses and IDsThe Concord paper serves a city that has a ton of people who work for or have a family member who works for the government. They like a news source that makes them feel happy and secure. Well, they have it in spades with the local paper.

Take this poorly crafted, but standard, attack article about the devious motives of a person who only wanted to put to rest all the allegations of voter fraud in New Hampshire. The story writer attempts to expose House Speaker Shawn Jasper for asking the Secretary of State to match the secret statewide database with NH DMV records of who has a valid driver’s license in NH.

There you have Speaker Jasper’s crime;asking Secretary Gardner to do something he is already required to do per Federal Law. Once we got Federal funds to create the secret statewide database in 2002, we were obligated to keep it clean and updated.

Here is the law: 52 U.S. Code § 21083 – Computerized statewide voter registration list requirements and requirements for voters who register by mail.

A key part of  52 U.S. Code § 21083 is this – unless Secretary Gardner has a waiver from the Feds:

(A) In general Except as provided in subparagraph (B), each State, acting through the chief State election official, shall implement, in a uniform and nondiscriminatory manner, a single, uniform, official, centralized, interactive computerized statewide voter registration list defined, maintained, and administered at the State level that contains the name and registration information of every legally registered voter in the State and assigns a unique identifier to each legally registered voter in the State (in this subsection referred to as the “computerized list”), and includes the following:

And it goes on in great detail about keeping only legal voters on this secret master list. Strings firmly attached.

(iv) The computerized list shall be coordinated with other agency databases within the State.

(viii) The computerized list shall serve as the official voter registration list for the conduct of all elections for Federal office in the State.

(i) In general Except as provided in clause (ii), notwithstanding any other provision of law, an application for voter registration for an election for Federal office may not be accepted or processed by a State unless the application includes—

(I) in the case of an applicant who has been issued a current and valid driver’s license, the applicant’s driver’s license number; or

(II) in the case of any other applicant (other than an applicant to whom clause (ii) applies), the last 4 digits of the applicant’s social security number.

And what does some biased, ill-informed, story writer for the Concord paper write about NH election law, without quoting it, in her hit piece targeting someone asking a simple question about or secret statewide voter database?

“State law, however, allows someone to be domiciled in New Hampshire for voting purposes and be a resident of another state for driver’s licensing purposes.”

Is that so? A citizen for driving in Massachusetts can be a citizen for voting in New Hampshire? Do NH citizens have to sit in the back of the bus as well?

Busses, I’m sorry. That’s a whole different issue I will be happy to cover later.

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  • Radical Moderate

    Why anyone is listening to these Leftist revolutionaries is beyond me. Just go ahead and follow the law and compare the lists. Simply ignore them.

  • Bob A. Booey

    If the college kiddies want to claim their college town as their
    domicile, since they moved here during the start of September, they
    should have their brand new NH license and car registrations by the
    start of November. You can’t just claim that you’re a resident when it’s
    convenient, by law you have 60 days to get your new license and

    • Ed Naile

      263:35 Nonresident Who Establishes a Residency in the State. – Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 261:44 or any other law to the contrary, any nonresident driver of a motor vehicle who holds a valid driver’s license in another jurisdiction, upon the establishment of a bona fide residency in this state, shall have a maximum of 60 days from the date his residency was established to obtain a driver’s license issued by the state of New Hampshire.

      • Radical Moderate

        Ed, I hope Kobach offers to have you sworn in as special deputy U.S. marshal. What could be more strategic than appointing an investigator that already has the investigation completed!
        God please let it be so.

    • Radical Moderate

      “You can’t just claim that you’re a resident when it’s
      – Yes you can. Its like saying you just can’t drive 100 mph when the clearly posted lawful speed limit is 55 mph. yes you can when you know the police department never leaves the police station.
      No one is enforcing the voting laws in New Hampshire. No one wants to upset the colleges because of the money they bring into the state. No one wants to upset the merchants that make money off the college kids.
      No Democrat want the voting laws enforced.
      No one is enforcing the voting laws in New Hampshire, and there are no repercussions on those who’s job it is to enforce the voting laws, plain and simple. So the answer is; Yes they can just claim they are a resident when its convenient.
      It was my hope President Trump would send the US AG in with a caravan of federal agents with crowbars and warrants in hand. Let them laugh now while they still can. It’s my belief that is what lay at the end of the rainbow for our state.
      Kris Kobach may just be the start of that process.

      • Ed Naile

        I am going to do an expose’ on the NH AG’s Office – Elections Division going back to 1996.
        A separate project I think they deserve.
        Now that I can forward stuff to the individual Trump Commission members the Elections Division can get the recognition they so richly deserve.

    • Bruce Currie

      Since when does resident status legally require a car anywhere?

      • Bob A. Booey

        I suppose I could have written it as NH license and/or car registrations for those that have difficulty reading.

      • Ed Naile

        Nice try.
        RSA 263:35 says “any non-resident driver” as in, a person who drives.
        A person who drives must get a NH driver’s license upon making NH his residence.
        If a driver has a license to drive from another state he must give it up. Only Florida lets you keep the Fla. license after you establish a new residence – but they punch a hole in it.
        But then you don’t want to know facts.
        No one said you have to have a car to be a resident. But then you knew that.
        Maybe a car is different than a vehicle so you don’t have to register a car – only a vehicle? That is the same as confusing domicile with residence.
        Now do you understand?

  • DiverDuck61

    When I moved to NH, I couldn’t get a resident fishing license until I had my NH drivers license for 6 months. It’s insane that people can vote here without actually having valid NH identification showing residency in NH.

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