Londonderry, NH High School Tries to Ban the American Flag…

Londonderry Pep-rally letter
Londonderry Pep-rally letter…more below the fold

Just before my segment on the Girard at Large radio show this morning Rich reported on a letter sent to parents of High School students in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The missive, a printed affair with pictures and the school principles name on it, went out to remind everyone fn the proper decorum for the upcoming pep rally which included a ban on the American Flag.

4. NO use of the American flag. Do not wear/carry/present the American flag on the floor.

Any athletes in violation will be reported to their coach by administration.

Why? So nobody feels uncomfortable.

The Londonderry School district is already back-peddling. During my segment with Rich Girard, this morning a listener called in to inform us that he had been in contact with the acting superintendent and the flag is not banned from the High School pep-rally. The intent was to ensure the flag was presented correctly.

I’ll take issue with that.

This letter that went out has the High School principals name on it. And while I don’t put much stock in the public education system this didn’t go out without more than one set of eyes or some layer of review. That review process, which they may now have to deny every existed, explicitly prohibited any presentation of the American Flag on the floor by High School athletes of other participants.

No one in the school read this short letter with it’s four simple rules and went, “whoa, wait a minute. This sounds a lot like we are banning the American flag at a pep-rally in a taxpayer-funded public school in Londonderry, New Hampshire” (which is, for the record, in America).

Something stinks in the Londonderry High School, and it smells like anti-American, social justice, Inclusive Excellence, Diversity cult voodoo.

The acting Superintendent’s quick reflexes may soften the Public Relations Nightmare™, but that won’t make the culture that allowed this to proceed as written go away.

Parents need to keep a very close eye on this. We certainly will.

Here’s the complete letter care of Rich Girard and The Girard at Large Facebook Page and Judy Baldasaro

Londonderry NH H.S Pep-Rally Bans American Flag


Update: Link to the audio added.