Londonderry, NH High School Tries to Ban the American Flag…

by Steve MacDonald

Londonderry Pep-rally letter

Londonderry Pep-rally letter…more below the fold

Just before my segment on the Girard at Large radio show this morning Rich reported on a letter sent to parents of High School students in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The missive, a printed affair with pictures and the school principles name on it, went out to remind everyone fn the proper decorum for the upcoming pep rally which included a ban on the American Flag.

4. NO use of the American flag. Do not wear/carry/present the American flag on the floor.

Any athletes in violation will be reported to their coach by administration.

Why? So nobody feels uncomfortable.

The Londonderry School district is already back-peddling. During my segment with Rich Girard, this morning a listener called in to inform us that he had been in contact with the acting superintendent and the flag is not banned from the High School pep-rally. The intent was to ensure the flag was presented correctly.

I’ll take issue with that.

This letter that went out has the High School principals name on it. And while I don’t put much stock in the public education system this didn’t go out without more than one set of eyes or some layer of review. That review process, which they may now have to deny every existed, explicitly prohibited any presentation of the American Flag on the floor by High School athletes of other participants.

No one in the school read this short letter with it’s four simple rules and went, “whoa, wait a minute. This sounds a lot like we are banning the American flag at a pep-rally in a taxpayer-funded public school in Londonderry, New Hampshire” (which is, for the record, in America).

Something stinks in the Londonderry High School, and it smells like anti-American, social justice, Inclusive Excellence, Diversity cult voodoo.

The acting Superintendent’s quick reflexes may soften the Public Relations Nightmare™, but that won’t make the culture that allowed this to proceed as written go away.

Parents need to keep a very close eye on this. We certainly will.

Here’s the complete letter care of Rich Girard and The Girard at Large Facebook Page and Judy Baldasaro

Londonderry NH H.S Pep-Rally Bans American Flag


Update: Link to the audio added.

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  • Adam Samuels

    The Super claimed that it was to prevent “disrespectful, inappropriate use of the Flag”, neither word included in the memo. Damage control. Damage control. These Marxists do-gooders got caught applying their Liberal PC bullshite in a taxpayer funded institution.

    • Ken Eyring

      Isn’t Londonderry High School a LEARNING INSTITUTION to TEACH our children? If the intent was to prevent disrespectful and/or inappropriate use of the flag… then the simple solution was to TEACH the proper protocol of handling the American Flag to the students prior to the event.

      • Bryan W

        If we can teach Boy & Girl Scouts how to do it, they certainly can teach HS students. Don’t forget, THEY are the professional educators.

        I wonder what their plans were for an opening – did it include a flag presentation? Pledge of Allegiance? National Anthem?

  • Kevin Rowland

    I’ve noticed a number of schools in Nashua that are not flying Old Glory or the State flag. One in particular, Nashua High School South interestingly has a Granite marker stating that the school supports our troops…As a veteran and a US Citizen from birth I’m bothered by the mixed signal that our education system is sending. Plus the inclusive culture they are demonstrating and most likely teaching is anti-patriotic and anti-American.

    • kervick

      It is anti white.

  • kervick

    Cultural Civil war is here. National pride is essential for a nation to thrive. Stories like this reveal that we are no longer one nation, but several different ethnic, racial, and ideological camps. The Left is in full mental breakdown – full revolt. We should get it over with and start forming distinct legal groupings now. We are becoming several smaller nations.

    I believe Texas may start the ball rolling, but parts of New Hampshire could follow. The Dallas School district wants to ban Ben Franklin:

    Hopefully armed American patriots descend on the district and occupy the buildings until this policy is reversed. Repeat everywhere.


    While it has been a few decades since I was in high school, I do have two college degrees (bachelor and MBA) and I would never interpret the statement “No use of the American Flag” as instructions or directions in how properly present or display it.

  • Joe Korowski

    The parents and all taxpayers need to step-up. They are fools if they tolerate this.

  • Nick Martin

    Wow, you folks are something. Veterans complained that students were disrespecting the flag — wearing, stepping, sitting on it, etc., — probably unknowingly. The school tells kids, hey, maybe don’t bring the flags, which end up getting stepped on. And that’s a problem? If this story was written differently, you’d be up in arms for the other side. Imagine a headline that reads: “Students disrespect flags, veterans’ complaints ignored.”

    Yes, perhaps the superintendent’s wording wasn’t precise, but I could say the same for what I read here.

    • 1) I tried to find that story about veterans complaining about students, and maybe it’s out there, but no one appears to have reported it to anyone doing any reporting. I can tell you that no one alerted me to this “problem.”

      2) Isn’t “disrespecting the flag” protected by the first amendment?
      3) To quote GREYGHOSTSCA “I would never interpret the statement “No use of the American Flag” as instructions or directions in how (to) properly present or display it.”

      • Frank Bedlam

        “Some veterans on the school’s staff had previously voiced displeasure with how some students used American flags during previous school rallies. He said that in the past students have worn American flags around their shoulders, let the flag touch the floor and had not folded it properly.”

        • roger

          “Isn’t “disrespecting the flag” protected by the first amendment?”

          It is, but schools have a right to regulate speech on their school grounds. See Tinker v. Board of Education.

        • Bryan W

          So TEACH them. If you’re a veteran and have those feelings about it (I’m not a veteran yet I have those feelings), you need to teach them about it.

          Part of the problem is that we aren’t teaching American history to the depth we need. This past weekend was the 240th (I think) anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine. How many know about the battle, it’s importance, and what sacrifices were made? How many know about other important events in history and what Americans sacrificed to secure our freedom? Even when the goals from the politicians were not clear, our military fought, and our civilian workers did their jobs – even to the ultimate sacrifice.

          These students don’t understand that. They do what they think is cool, or “in” or gets a laugh from their friends. If they *want* to be patriots (and some of them do), TEACH them.

          Londonderry High School has a stone monument in the courtyard dedicated to soldiers from Londonderry who gave their lives for this country, for good or ill. The monument was erected by Boy Scouts, and the boy that got his Eagle Rank award for that project – his Eagle Court of Honor program properly honored the flag and this country. They can be taught. It can be done. It isn’t that hard.

          • Frank Bedlam

            What do you think they are doing? You’re all crying over lesson right now.

          • Cmiller21

            I am a STUDENT of the school and everyone loves the flag and is very patriotic. We actually are taught about the flag on side convos with our teachers but most kids don’t care and don’t listen to it cause it most likely won’t involve them in any way. But this post is outrageous, this letter has been mailed out for years and y is it it being brought up now

    • roger

      “Isn’t “disrespecting the flag” protected by the first amendment?”

      It is, but schools have a right to regulate speech of their students while on school grounds. See Tinker v. Board of Education.

      • Nick Martin

        Hmm, I also don’t remember reading any blog here on GG defending NFL players’ First Ammendment rights to remain seated during the National Anthem. Double standard?

        • Ed Naile

          The superintendent of the NFL didn’t TELL players to sit – nor did the NFL superintendent tell players to stand.
          This stupidintendent probably got a memo from commie central to outlaw the display of the flag, excuse me. American flag.
          Its a government school funded with money from taxpayers.
          Jester is the correct name for this nitwit.

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