Heads Up: Here Comes Next Year’s Legislation

by Ellen Kolb

Reps HallLegislators gotta legislate. The 2018 process is underway, with legislative service requests (LSRs) now being filed in Concord. House members have until the 22nd to put LSRs into the hopper. The first batch has been posted, and the list will be updated periodically on the General Court web site.

LSRs tell you sponsor and topic. That’s it. Valuable information, as far as it goes: always interesting, sometimes entertaining, and not to be ignored. It’s advance notice – or advance warning – of what to watch for in 2018.


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  • Bryan W

    Lots of little meddling – first pass, these are the ones that interest/worry me:

    relative to valid identification to obtain a ballot.
    Sponsors: (Prime) Freeman, Lisa – Hills. 12

    relative to domicile of students for voting purposes.
    Sponsors: (Prime) Stone, Brian – Rock. 1

    relative to concealed carry of a firearm on university system campuses.
    Sponsors: (Prime) Stone, Brian – Rock. 1

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