‘Supremacy’ is the Goal of All Democrat Policies

socialism logoThe left is off the rails about White Supremacy which you should understand is a bit hypocritical. Not just because its roots in America spring from the Democrat Party. The problem is that while they are claiming outrage about white supremacy, Supremacy over every American is the goal of all Democrat outrage.

They seek supremacy over everyone and everything without regard to sex, race, or religion. The goal is to rule all, equally trapped (most likely at or near) poverty, dependent almost entirely on the whim and will of government, lorded over by a political class of their making.

Don’t be fooled by their angry words and opposition to white supremacy.

Democrats used white supremacy in the past as a tool to accumulate power, and they are at it again. And being white has nothing to do with it.

Black Lives Matters is the newest iteration of the black power movement but to Democrats Black lives only matter until they don’t matter anymore. Its members and supporters are just another brand of ideological mule.

Same for gays and women.

The goal is uninterrupted, one-party supremacy forever and ever, Amen. Minus the Amen of course, because religion, like marriage, families, and anyone who disagrees with progressives will have to go if they don’t bow down.

If you don’t think that’s the case, then you haven’t been paying any attention to the antics of the left as it jerks, twists, and riots in response to being tossed to the curb in November 2016.

It makes no difference which mule you are. Gay, trans, women, immigrants, refugees, the working class, or left-handed albino lesbians. You are tools and nothing more.

And while white supremacy is awful, and some Democrats may be sincere in their exhortations in opposition to it, their opposition is nothing more than a tool to achieve government supremacy.

Ask the people in Venezuela how that works out.