Social Justice Wardens Tap Fat Shaming for Political Advantage

by Steve MacDonald

womans-hands-on-prison-cell-barsFat Studies or Weight-Based Oppression could be the new Social Justice Belle of the Ball.

At Princeton,

This seminar investigates discourses and politics around the fat body from a performance studies perspective,” the course description states. “How does this ‘f-word’ discipline and regulate bodies in/as public? How do dancers reveal these politics with special clarity? How might fat be a liberating counter-performance?”

What about the adverse social effects of the war on obesity?

“Indeed, as the ‘War on Obesity’ has escalated, so has weight-based bias and discrimination,” Lou-Watkins adds, noting that “weight bias is particularly evident among healthcare professionals, compromising the well-being of their patients.”

And since we’re going there, groups for Fat LGBTQ folk too,

The discussion group, colloquially referred to as “F.A.B.” (“Fabulous and Big”), is just one of several identity-related discussion groups put on by the school’s LGBTQ Center, some of which are “open to anyone” while others are described as “confidential spaces designed solely for people who share the identity of that specific group.”

Fat friends beware. This effort is by far the biggest fraud the Social Justice Stasi has perpetrated. The war on obesity is a face on the left’s totem of horribles. It represents a strain on the healthcare system which to government-first Democrats mean a drag on their secular gods.

They will court you for political power but in the end, you will be required to change your ways. Just ask blacks, women, or gays who refuse to toe the Left’s ideological line. They are ostracized, oppressed, intimidated into silence. Rights? Hell, no. They are less than human.

If you are fat and white, don’t even bother pretending. (No, having a white body does not protect you from body shaming.)

For the takers, the progressive penchant for controlling human diet will inevitably supersede any effort to console you with social justice platitudes.

They will lie to you, use you to try and accumulate power and majorities, and then they will turn on you so forget the BS about microaggressions. Regardless of which tribe of victims into which you have been corralled there is no tolerance on the left for any thought or action that deviates from the program.

Social Justice Politics is mind control complete with a thought prison.

Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence are each false gods of the Progressive Pantheon. Deviation from the dogma is prohibited. Violators, no matter what color, size, or sexual orientation, can expect punishment, re-education, or excommunication.

Consider yourself warned.

H/T Campus Reform

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