Oh, What A Tangled Community Organizer Web We Have Woven

by Ed Naile

Kristin Szakos -Image: Newsplex

Kristin Szakos -Image: Newsplex

Enter – Kristin Szakos, Harvard Educated, left-wing moonbat.

Kristin Szakos is the Charlottesville City Councilman who came up with the peachy idea of taking down the Confederate statue – in her town. Yippie, we got our community organized all right – or should I say, alt-left. (Here are her community organizer credentials, yes she was an Obama activist.)

And another twisted cry for progressive attention.

Why waste all that Harvard education on a job or career when agitating for moonbat causes is so much fun.

But now, like a Pomeranian with its tail between its legs, Kristin was run out of her own prestigious city council meeting by a mob she helped create.

Kristin handled her organized community the same way Bernie Sanders handled the Black Lives Matters crowd shoving him off stage – she ran. And why did the cops show up? I thought Charlottesville PD orders are always to wait for some punches and urine bombs before they bother breaking things up?

So how is Kristin Szakos going to handle her Karefully Krafted Kreation? (See what I did there?)

Apparently, this will be her last year on the city council, so she won’t be around to heal the community she organized:

Harvard pumps these cunning, elitist, nut jobs out by the thousands.

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