No Violence Reported at Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Today

by Steve MacDonald

orwell-free-speech (1)How do you put a context on the appearance of large crowds of progressives who show up to counter-protest a rally in support of free speech?

Holding its rally at Boston Common, the group Boston Free Speech Coalition invited “libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberal, Trump supporters or anyone else who enjoys their right to free speech.” …

CNN reports that the counter-protesters comprised of members of groups such as Organize Boston against Trump, Boston Democratic Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter. Although counter-protesters and supporters of President Donald Trump occasionally shouted at each other, police kept the two sides separate through a buffer zone, avoiding huge conflicts.

You could say that Black Lives Matter, Boston Democrat Socialists of America, and Organize Boston against Trump oppose free speech.

Why else were they there?

We might be right to suggest that they were there to exercise their constitutional right. To object to certain speech with their own speech. And I’m sure there were counter-protesters there who came for that reason. But I suspect that the organizers of the counter-protest were hoping to incite violence.

A second violent weekend under the umbrella of free speech could have a chilling effect on first amendment expression across the US.

Progressivism has trouble breathing when free speech is, well, free. If the courts won’t help, and they lack the legislative force to advance an agenda, as is the case now, violence is not just likely from progressives it is expected.

Socialists have never been against violence. In fact, if memory serves, violence is not just acceptable in pursuit of the socialist utopia, it is necessary.

Black Lives Matter has not been around long, but it already has a long history of violence and inciting violence.

But there was no violence today because the Boston Police did their job. They kept the violent thugs away from the free-speech rally. They maintained the peace. Which, as it turns out, is bad news for Democrats, progressives, the Boston Socialists, Black Lives Matters, Organize Boston, and the media.

They didn’t get the media spectacle required.

That only means that they will have to try harder next time.

And yes, there will be a next time.

And a time after that.

Which makes it that much more important for first amendment defenders to accept that the free speech they claim to cherish is at greater risk should they allow themselves to be inflamed by the people who hate it.

Initiating violence does not make your point. It makes theirs.

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