Maybe 99.7% of Boston Anti-Free-Speech Protesters Were Not There for Peaceful Purposes

by Steve MacDonald

Antifa- we will treadThis morning Chief Nick Willard asked me about the 99.9% (or 99.7%) of protesters whom the Boston Police commissioner claimed were in the city for a peaceful demonstration. I said (paraphrasing) he couldn’t possibly know that but if 40,000™ people showed up to a protest and a handful got violent (throwing rocks, urine, etc.) why aren’t you taking them aside and telling them to knock it off?

There’s 40,000™ of you and a few of them (so the story would have to go) so just do the right thing and reign in your hooligans.

Well, maybe they didn’t want to reign them in. Maybe they support them.

Here we see some AntiFA thugs given a very warm welcome by any number of “peaceful protesters” as they march into view.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say “most” because we can’t see all 40,000™.  And there are plenty of folks who have no clue what the cheering is all about. But there are obvious shouts and cheers of approval.

Too many.

So what’s going on?

Leftists who show up at events to suppress speech they are told to object too (even when they have no idea what the speech is) might be a lot like those “Moderate Muslims.” They are so scared of the violent factions in their midst they don’t dare speak against them.

Or, some number of the protesters did not object at all to members of their group showing up dressed as thugs tossing rocks at cops or throwing bottles of urine at them with the goal of reaching the actual event and using that same violence to silence them.

Now maybe, just maybe, this is all just a matter of Marxist thugs trying to silence racist thugs and why should we care?

Because they still have a right to choose their associations, to peaceably assemble, and to exchange their views in a public forum without fear.

AntiFA exists to instill fear. They appear to perpetuate intimidation and violence. Their job is to silence speech and end debate to which their side objects, and in the case of Boston, based soley on their preordained declaration of what the speech would be.

They defined it to justify their using force to stop it. That is not anti-fascist.

Now, we could tell AntiFA they are fascists, but they already know. Maybe not the people peeing in bottles before the big “peaceful” anti-free speech protest. But the people organizing them and handing out the bottles, they know.

One more point.

If you are on the left and you object to the violence perpetrated by BLM or AntiFA or whoever else is dressing up like a fascist to play anti-fascist in the name of your political beliefs — no one will believe you if you continue to applaud them.


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