Is The Islamic Society of New Hampshire a Front for Islamic based terrorists groups?

by Steve MacDonald

muslim-mafiaDave Gaubatz is a reired Federal counter-terrorism agent and co-author of Muslim Mafia. This report on the Islamic Societ of New Hampshire is attributed to Dave and is published, unedited and without additional exposition.

On June 30, 2017, I conducted firsthand research at the Islamic Society of New Hampshire. I am a former U.S. Federal Agent who specialized in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism, specifically Islamic based terrorism. I have worked and lived in the Middle East since 1978.  I was the first U.S. civilian federal agent in Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Mar 2003).  In the U.S. alone I have conducted first-hand research at over 280 Islamic mosques. I have placed undercover researchers in Muslim Brotherhood organizations and obtained valuable national security intelligence. Based on my professional analysis of my visit to the Islamic Society of New Hampshire (ISoNH) I report the following:

The ISoNH is a Sunni/Saudi and Pakistani front for Islamic based terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. This mosque had very violent materials inside for worshippers that advocate the overthrow of America and physical Jihad against U.S. and Israeli targets.  This is based on the mosque having the same Islamic manuals in their possession that Islamic terrorist groups utilize for their training.  The ISoNH had material written and edited by a convicted Islamic terrorist supporter (Ali AlTimimi).  The Imam and mosque worshippers were extremely Shariah compliant.  ISIS and Al Qaeda would find this mosque acceptable for their training and education of Mujahadeen fighters (Islamic terrorists).

On a scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the most extreme, I rate this mosque a 10. My rating of a 10 indicates I determine the ISoNH is a terrorist safe haven for Islamic sleeper cell Jihadists and there is a strong likelihood violent Jihadist activity will be conducted by “sleeper terrorists” attending this particular mosque.

It is imperative U.S. law enforcement use legal means to fully investigate the leadership and worshippers of this mosque. The mosque should be closed down immediately based on their advocating of establishing an Islamic caliphate worldwide and under Shariah law.


Electronically signed:  (12 July 2017)
Dave Gaubatz
U.S. Federal Agent (retired)
Author: Muslim Mafia
Address: 124 Thacker Road, Ferrum, VA 24088
Phone: 276-930-1227

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  • Radical Moderate

    “Is The Islamic Society of New Hampshire a Front for Islamic based terrorists groups?”
    – Why even ask the question Steve, when no one in NH government has the cojones to do anything about it if it were even true.

    • Everything begins with asking the right questions.

      • They won’t answer them but they might get uppity. We can work with uppity.

        • Radical Moderate

          True, true. Thanks for reminding me of the positives.

  • “If you build it, they will come….”

  • Liberal Conservative

    Where is this mosque located or is a “mosque” in this sense, a religious collective of all Muslims who are part of the ISoNH? I know there is a mosque being planned in Concord.

  • Bruce Currie

    Short answer: “No”. Longer answer: “Still no.” Fear and ignorance know no bounds, alas. As this blog post makes clear:

    “Gaubatz begins his email by addressing his audience as “Americans and Other Loyal Patriots Around the World Who Are Fighting Every Day to Expose ‘Pure Islam.’” Already from the very beginning, we can see what his feelings are about Islam. He writes:

    ‘There will soon come a time this blessed Christian holiday will be limited to how it is celebrated in America. We are already seeing it at schools, work, and in most shopping centers. This is coming about because of the power and influence of Islam.’

    “Really? The two to six million Muslims in America, barely 1 percent of the U.S. population, are affecting how Christmas is celebrated in America? The same Muslim population who had their religious holidays blocked from the school calendar in Maryland? The same Muslims who have their mosques repeatedly attacked across the country? Come on. Yet, that is what Gaubatz believes.

    He also sends out a greeting to his Jewish friends:
    ‘I also want to wish my many Jewish friends the world over a ‘Happy Hanukkah.’ The Jewish People have been victimized for over 1,400 years by Islamic leaders.’

    “Not true. In fact, it was the Muslims who offered safe havens to scores of Jews escaping Christian pogroms throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. It was a Jewish physician and philosopher, Maimonides, who was prominent in Muslim Spain. In fact, I took the Oath of Maimonides when I graduated medical school. And, I had no problem whatsoever with this. While not perfect, to say the least, Jewish-Muslim relations have been relatively good throughout a substantial portion of human history. Yet, this fact does not seem to faze Gaubatz.”

    • Charles Martel

      Islam is a supremacist, totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion. It’s as dangerous as Nazism or communism and must be eradicated. Anyone who defends Islam has not studied the Koran or the Sunna. I urge you to do so. Please see my comment above on Dave’s visit to Maine.

    • 43N71W

      Bruce, any wagers on the “Americans and Other Loyal Patriots Around the World Who Are Fighting Every Day to Expose ‘Pure Islam’” as being willing to enter into violent Christian “Jihad” against Muslims and Mosques here in the USA?
      I can walk into any church, bar, VFW or Legion post and with a bit of trolling, find someone who will agree: “We have to take it to the Muslims first.”

      How much of Gaubatz’s “research” is just that, trolling?
      I can point to a US drone strike on a school, or wedding, and ask:
      “Is this justice? Does the Quran not say to fight injustice? Are you a good Muslim and obedient to The Prophet or not?”

      Say yes, and you’re a dangerous radical.

      Sadly I witnessed dozens of these “middle east/terrorism/military/policy experts” the night of 11 September 01. Knowing next to nothing, they were all long on opinion, short on facts. Gaubatz? Just another talking head.

      • Shannon Laramie

        You just proved the point of Bruces post. Its actually you thats doing the trolling because its pretty obvious you know very little about the Koran and Islams totalitarian ideology. Stay ignorant my friend!

        • 43N71W

          Shannon, are you “christian”? Do you go to church, listen to your pastor or priest rant about sin, sodomy, perversion, and then head off to the Kittery Trading Post to arm-up and take it to the godless heathen, apostate, sinners?
          Rifle, shotgun, handgun, back-up handgun, machete, survival knife, and all-weather fire-starter in hand – and you’re a zealot for christianity?
          Bible and preacher’s fire and brimstone sermon… and you’re off like the Westboro Baptist Church, “warring” against “these abominations before The Lord”.

          Same can be said for hundreds of millions of Muslims.
          Did you confront Westboro when they came to Maine to demonstrate at Veteran funerals?
          Then you must be as-radicalized as they are.

          That’s the logic employed towards Muslims and radical Islam, wouldn’t the same be said towards Christians?

          • Shannon Laramie

            Whoa! How little you know about whats going in the world right now. The atrocities we see being committed in the name of Islam are no different today than 1000 years ago. You would have to know the history of Islam to understand Islam. Your anolgy of Westboro, again shows how clueless you are. You would have to understand what civilization Jihad is and the Muslim Brotherhoods plan to overthrow the US. You have no clue what im talking about do you? The documents that detail this plan were discovered during a raid od a MB operatives home. As with not taking the time to understand the Koran to educate yourself and not be an ignorant fool, im sure you will think im a tinfoil hat wearing islamophobe and continue to be an ignorant fool. When you compare the Westboro Baptist Church to an ideology that it was responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people with so many of them by beheading, it shows how stupid you are. When an ideology documents the way that they plan on overtaking your country through civilization Jihad and you dismiss it, it shows how stupid you really are.

  • Charles Martel

    In Maine in June of 2014, ACT-ME members invited Dave Gaubatz to investigate several mosques in Portland & Lewiston. They were found to be in the “high” category for sedition and dangerous activities with SARs (Sharia-Adherent Ratings) of 83 & 88 respectively.

    Dave’s sworn affidavits were personally delivered to Gov. Paul LePage who “gets it” regarding the threat of stealth jihad. Unfortunately, those mosques are still in business. The primary reason is the ongoing “unholy alliance” between the enablers and apologists on the Left in support of Islamic jihad. They are either willfully blind or useful idiots. Take your pick.

    Remember this, Islam is a supremacist, totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion. It’s as dangerous as Nazism or communism and must be eradicated.

    • Bruce Currie

      This is laughable. Gaubatz–a man who’s predetermined what the “facts” are, come to Maine to “investigate” mosques in two cities. And surprise! He finds them to rate highly on his made-up scale, cleverly called a “Sharia-Adherent Rating”. One hundred and fifty years ago, he would have found Irish and italian Catholics to rate high in “Popery”. Your post is nothing but circular logic.

      • Charles Martel

        It’s just logic, not circular logic. Unless you can tell me you’ve lived and worked in Afghanistan (in a capacity other than the military or State Dept.), read at least 100 books on Islamic doctrine, attended numerous seminars or workshops by C-T experts, received at least a dozen daily news briefs since 9/11, or have actually given presentations on the Koran, the Sira, or the Hadith and can differentiate between Christ and Muhammad, I think your opinions are just that…opinions, and not fact. Since I’ve done all of the above, I choose to side with Gaubatz.

        • Bruce Currie

          You can claim all the expertise you like, but your views are the outlier–not shared by others who claim similar or greater expertise. In fact, your views are refuted and repudiated by most other Middle East and Islamic experts–using facts and logic. “Logic” without a factual basis often leads to absurdity.

          • Charles Martel

            OK, Neville, whatever you say. “Tolerance at the expense of the truth is total stupidity.”

        • 43N71W

          Then answer one question Mr. I know everything about Islam and Afghanistan:
          Reagan, the CIA, and “Charlie Wilson’s War” was:
          a) the height of stupidity, we should have let the Soviets flatten both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and stayed the hell out.

          b) the right way to work in tribal areas with no unifying government, no sense of “nation” other than in the negative.
          “We’re not Iran”.

          • Charles Martel

            Charlie Wilson was a Democrat. Enough said.

          • 43N71W

            You’ve been weighed, measured, and found wanting.

          • Charles Martel

            Wanting what?

            Let’s see. They’re not scientific observations but the Muslim refugees who should assimilate haven’t…despite the Left’s wishful thinking.

            For examples, I went to the Air Show in Brunswick, ME yesterday. No detectable Muslims. There were less than a handful at the July 4th fireworks in Portland. And, I saw only one, a City Counselor, during the Veteran’s Day Parade. I also went to the Cumberland and Fryeburg Fairs as well. Didn’t notice any Muslims there even at the water pistol shooting range. All are quintessential Americana, but no participation from our new neighbors.

            Are my observations Islamophobic?

          • 43N71W

            How many African-American, Puerto Rican, or Pacific Islanders do you see in Boston, on St. Patrick’s day?
            Or New York City?
            Compared to the West Indian Parade on Labor Day, which draws over 1 million participant annually.
            How many non-Catholic “good Mainers” attend the St. Peter’s Italian Bazaar in Portland?

            What did you do on July 1st? Did you attend the End of Eid celebration and feast in Portland, on Anderson Street?

            Where’s the “assimilation” of these “Americans” if they insist on celebrations of Catholic Saint Days?
            How is that culturally-inclusive of self-described Born-Again anti-Papist, Christian Baptist Evangelicals?
            Are we subjects of the Socialist Pope of Rome, or are we ‘MERIKANS! damnit. There oughtabe a law about these damn Irish and Eye-talians.
            You just wait… one day one of them Boston Irish will think he’s the equal of any REAL American and want to be President.

          • Charles Martel

            We’re on the same page regarding the Marxist Pope.

            Didn’t attend Eid al Adha. If you recall the photo in the Press Herald, you should’ve noticed the buffer between the men and women with the men in front. All the women were covered from head to toe. No objections from the phony feminists?

            Why get together in a football stadium which is as American as apple pie? To make a statement, of course. Are you aware of how halal meat products are prepared? The sacrificial sheep, goats or cows are tied up and have their throats slit until they bleed out. Where are the PETA folks?

            Also, Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, not Ismail….among other things. When Muhammad pilfered that tradition from the Jews he and his alter ego, Allah, couldn’t even get that right.

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