Hiring Freeze Results in 9,000 Fewer Federal Employees in First 6-months

by Steve MacDonald

Trump-drain the swamp in DCThe Washington Times is reporting that President Trumps’ hiring freeze has resulted in 9,000 fewer Federal employees in the first 6-months.

Mr. Trump ordered the hiring freeze on his first day in office and embarked on the most ambitious agenda to shrink government since Ronald Reagan. His early success, although modest, is a testament to the president’s tenacity and to the daunting task he has undertaken.

Reagan also imposed a hiring freeze on his first day in office, but the federal workforce grew by more than 100,000 employees by the time he left office eight years later.

The WT notes that freeze has been suspended to address needs in critical areas and that the government plans to add 6000 military personnel as part of Mr. Trump’s buildup.

Some swamps take longer to drain than others.

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