Why Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Have a Job

by Steve MacDonald

kaepernick kneeling during national anthemNew Hampshire Public radio has a lengthy “report” about why former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. They quote players, experts, and none of them ever gets to the actual point of the problem. A situation that anyone who has every worn a uniform as part of their job ought to understand.

You can’t just do whatever you want in the company uniform because it is a reflection of that business. Period.

If you rob a bank in your BK duds guess who gets a phone call before they even find you? Every BK, the franchisees, and the corporate office. They don’t like that.

And Kaepernick, regardless of whether he even has a point, deliberately pissed off more than half the country by disrespecting the national anthem, the flag, and the nation, in his work clothes. I don’t care what the NFL policy is, that’s just downright stupid. And it’s why he has no job.

Some think that’s not fair. Like this ‘expert’ from the Public Radio piece.

“It doesn’t really matter if it’s collusion or culture,” says sociologist Harry Edwards, “but you cannot have people [in the NFL] associated with double murders, dog fighting, rape, drug use, vehicular manslaughter and violence against women, from owners all the way down to rookie players … [and] a man who takes a knee and says we can be better [as a society], cannot even be given a chance to compete for a roster spot.”

Fair enough, but none of those other things happened on national television, in a team uniform, week after week, in front of America. If you think that doesn’t matter then you should stand next to sociologist Harry Edwards who is probably wicked smart and so smart, he’s stupid all at the same time.

Those other things while vile in their own right were localized incidents which did not have the widest possible audience. They got press, but not everyone heard about them. And I can’t be certain, but no one including the perpetrators claimed pride in their actions afterward.

Kaepernick was an unrepentant perp from beginning to end. And the progressive media loved him for it. And he loved them back. He was adored by the hate America crowd, advertised, elevated, and now they wonder why he can’t get a job.

Kaepernick (appears to have) discovered that his stand kneel was a liability when it became apparent (publicly announced in March of 2017) that the free agent might not be cashing any paychecks next season. He agreed he’d stop doing it. Said he’d made his point or something. Inspired a nation.

Yes, he did.

The people who buy the tickets that pay his salary are pissed.

And no one (not the NFL, not CBS sports, not even BK) is required to give him a job or obligated to hand him a paycheck, baggage or no.

Free association is the private or personal right to choose your company based on your conscience or your interpretation of the conscience of others. That comes with”free speech,” if you missed that part of First Amendment class.

Colin missed it until it hit him like a tone of bricks. Probably didn’t see it coming with all those bright media lights in his eyes. He still might not see it. He isn’t alone.

But in a world where 140 characters worth of free speech deserves to get you fired and make you untouchable, people still wonder what happened?

How about this?

Did anyone take him aside early on and say, Colin, you’re a free agent next year, and this kneeling thing is gonna pay off big. Yes? No? Did anyone take him aside and tell him the opposite?

Did anyone tell those other players who glommed on to keep it up or lay off? I don’t know. No one is talking about them. They didn’t start it. And first adopters deserve special attention. And Colin Kaepernick got it.

So, what’s next?

I think Colin will play pro football again but not until after he’s been punished for being a douche-bag in his work clothes. That may mean a season on the couch. Ample time to find a PR firm to help him recycle his image. Not just spending money on “the problem” as he sees it, which he is doing, but on respecting the symbol of the nation that made his having that money to make those choices even possible.

America is not unforgiving, but it is proud, and Kaepernick insulted America in exchange for left-wing adoration, and it bit him in the ass.

And he can spend a fortune, and it is a fortune to most Americans, on do-goodery in the community, but it won’t stop aggravated middle-America from calling team offices to bitch about the guy when his name pops up as a player under consideration if it doesn’t repair that relationship in the eyes of prospective employers.

The people need some time. The caches need some time. The league needs some time.

Colin Kaepernick should take a seat, or maybe a knee, at least for a little while.

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