Carol Shea-Porter Introduces Censure Letter Against President Donald Trump

by Steve MacDonald

Carol Shea Porter headerCongresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has introduced a letter of censure against President Donald Trump for,

New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) introduced a censure resolution in the House of Representatives against President Donald trump for his comments blaming “both sides” for the incident in Charlottesville, VA.

She’s also upset because he failed to “clearly repudiate white nationalism.

Despite having access to Nexis, I am having a difficult time finding any evidence that Carol Shea-Porter ever openly renounced black nationalism or the violence perpetrated by or in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Join the New Media MilitiaShe had nothing to say about the riots in Berkeley or at Evergreen College.

A search of her press releases produced zero results on any of these related topics.

Apparently, the Congresswoman from New Hampshire censored herself on these incidents where majority left-wing violence led to the destruction of property, physical injury, or the repression of constitutional speech.

If she is submitting a letter of censure because the President blamed both sides for violence, then some violence must be acceptable?

Carol Shea-Porter does not object to hate and violence when it suits her.




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    Shouldn’t she be known as Shea-Pelosi, since she takes her marching orders from Nancy instead of doing what is in the best interest of the people she works for, the voters of CD1 in New Hampshire.

    • Bryan W

      I call her Shea-Porter (D-Potted Plant). But I like the Shea-Pelosi. Would make a good bumper sticker or lawn sign.

  • Ed Naile

    Bill Clinton stalked women in the White House and not a peep from leftists.
    This whole charade is about sore loser leftists, not racism.
    Elections are fine – as long as they win.
    2018 can’t come fast enough.
    Shrinks will have to work weekends coddling millennial thumb suckers when they crash at the polls.
    Hint: Average American voters from either party don’t like masked anarchist children and professional protesters chanting about killing cops.
    Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman Schults IT guys are being investigated for selling sensitive documents to – the Russians.
    Anybody betting on Muller having anything better?

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