The Bryonic Notion of Injustice, A Superior Sensibility, and Moral Authority

by Steve MacDonald

needle syringeTheodore Dalrymple, in the course of observations about the modern human demand for incompatible desires, wrote,

…, she had a Byronic notion of the disease, a romantic conception of it as a badge of superior sensibility, which is to say that those who suffered from it were in some way morally superior to those who did not, and thus were imbued with a moral authority that others did not share.

He’s referring to a woman who deliberately infected herself with AIDS tainted blood.

I can’t help seeing this as synonymous to the entire pantheon of aggrieved “victims” peopling the Social Justice war machine and the modern Democrat party who–through the media, entertainment, and the education system–has been handing out needles filled with economic and cultural infections to our kids for decades.

Injecting them with the Bryonic notion of (insert injustice here), and the romantic conception of it as a badge of superior sensibility and moral authority.


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