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The Real Reason Democrats Don’t Want to Hand Over State Voter Data

I-dont-always-vote-in-NHDemocrats, not just here in New Hampshire, ignored years of spying and abuse of personal privacy under Obama. They did. Obama spied on you, me, your neighbors, the press, our allies, members of Congress, just about everyone. The Obama administration tried to get private search traffic and call record history. And while every government spies, Obama took domestic spying to a whole new level.

Democrats, not just here in New Hampshire, were overwhelmingly silent. Privacy was not an issue then, so why now? Why now, when the Trump administration is asking for States to share voter registration data?

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Most states treat voter registration data as public. In the case of the NH Democrat party, as but one example, they sell it to friendly Democrat campaigns for hefty sums. So why, with the Feds asking for states to share that voter registration data, have they suddenly declared a newfound love for privacy rights?

Evidence of Federal election fraud. Democrats registered in multiple states. A pattern of RICO-worthy violations meant to steal votes and elections?


We know you don’t believe in privacy so if the release of the data won’t prove you innocent of such accusations it must, you suspect, shine a less than positive light on your activities. At least regarding Federal Elections, whose integrity Trump and company have an obligation to ensure.

And if I’m not mistaken, the mere suspicion of impropriety is more than enough to warrant an investigation.

Or has the left abandoned that tactic now that it has become inconvenient?