Yesterday’s DC Shooter Was a Democrat (Not Unexpectedly)

Democrats-ViolenceA white male with a rifle took a few shots at Republicans yesterday in Virgina.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice near Washington on Wednesday, wounding several people including senior Republican leader Steve Scalise before he was taken into custody, police and witnesses said.

Phil Kerpen has been sharing the contents of “alleged shooter” James Hodgkinson Facebook page, and he sounds like your average, narrative spewing, cookie-cutter, rubber-stamp, run-of-the-mill Democrat.

Shooter was a Bernie Campaign volunteer, no less.


We’ve got an atheist, commuter rail loving, green marching, Hitler-referencing, calls for impeachment, who hates the Koch brothers, blah blah blah…Democrat shooting at Republican congressman while they are in a park practicing for a game against the Democrats?

Did the DNC send him? Are they trying to fix the game?

And is he double-registered to vote in New Hampshire and if so, from whose “house” did he “send” his absentee ballot?

And, (this just in) he has died at the hospital. Maybe they’ll bury him in his Manmaid robe and bonnet. (All Democrat “men” are supposed to have one, right?)