Voter Suppression Must Be Harder to Prove Than Voter Fraud

clean-electionsFor almost two decades I have been documenting voter fraud in NH. And along with this effort to show how much voter fraud exists in our state I get the usual complaints from progressives and others who support voter fraud that furthers their cause or candidate.

Here is how they do it.

One of the standard responses of any progressive, when voter fraud is shown to be a problem, is the one you get with almost any discussion with a liberal. They always claim, “no one has proven it to me.”

Nice impossible hurdle. If you want to chase a tail try to prove a fact to a progressive, a fact he doesn’t want to know. This is a great way to start. Liberals live in their own tiny world, with their own rules, and their own facts. You can’t prove something to a progressive. They don’t care. (see: Global Warming)

Let’s take a look at a progressive voter suppression expert who should know better. He is Jason Kander, the former Missouri Secretary of State. He now runs a George Soros non-profit called “Let America Vote.” Big surprise.

Jason Kander claims all kinds of voter suppression and has launched his recent campaign to discredit President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission with this editorial.

[su_quote]President Donald Trump is upset he lost the popular vote by such a historic margin, and this month he announced he is going to do something about it. What started as a presidential lie about voter fraud has turned into the President’s “Commission on Election Integrity,” a group that poses an actual threat to American democracy.[/su_quote]

His passionate claim of voter suppression comes with several questionable examples. Like the many claims of voter suppression I have heard of in the last twenty years it has no hard evidence to back it up, the kind of hard evidence is required of me.

Jason Kander uses two articles from Wisconsin to show voter suppression.

This article linked by Kander tries to equate a lower turnout in the 2016 Wisconsin General Election with voter suppression – due to new Voter ID laws – a year when the Primary Election had a record turnout. That makes sense, right?

No names, just numbers, and accusations are all Jason Soros Kander has to offer in his rant about voter suppression.

Kander offers another Wisconsin election to show how prevalent supposed voter suppression is. I love this offer of proof. It helps my anti-voter fraud investigations with real numbers.

Once again, in Wisconsin (not Missouri?) Jason Soros Kander claims that provisional ballots, that were cast, are proof of voter suppression. Hear that right? Provisional ballots cast by people who showed up to vote without photo ID are proof of voter suppression.

I am not a Harvard lawyer but I do know a few things.

1.     If 590 qualified voters in Wisconsin cast 590 provisional ballots anyone could find out each individual’s name.

2.     If 590 qualified voters in Wisconsin or any of the other 49 states had their votes suppressed each one would have a free Democrat lawyer to represent them in court against the state that deprived them of their vote.

But that never happened. No one in any article about voter suppression in any Jason Soros Kander article will ever be mentioned by name.

Now let’s try a little New Hampshire style voter fraud documentation.

In 2012 a voter fraud dirtball named Carl Robert Gibson voted in a Wisconsin State Supreme Court election from his domicile in Madison. He also voted here in 2012 in or NH General Election from his US Uncut website office/apartment in Concord. He was registered to vote in Connecticut in 2012 where his car was registered. Carl Robert Gibson was registered to vote in Kentucky where his driver’s license was from and where when he was arrested gave that as his address.

In Jason Soros Kander’s home state of Missouri, we caught Caitlin Ann Legaki voting there in 2012 even though here name was checked off as voting in Manchester, NH, where she was a Jeanne Shaheen campaign worker in 2008.

The next time Jason Soros Kander comes to NH to complain about voter ID laws, as he has done recently, he should look me up. I can show him what proof looks like.

I would like to thank Jason Soros Kander for his Wisconsin link about 590 provisional voters in the Wisconsin 2012 General election.

Out of 3 million votes cast in Wisconsin in 2012, 590 showed up with no ID and had to cast a provisional ballot.

In NH with 755,000 votes cast in 2012, 99,000 same day voters showed up and about 22,000 of them had no ID.

If anyone had their votes suppressed in 2012 it was legitimate, qualified voters in NH.