Volinsky’s Rules …

by Steve MacDonald

volinsky's rules for radicals

Image: ELIZABETH FRANTZ / Monitor staff

After some “light reading,” I believe I have uncovered Executive Councilor Andru Volinsly’s Rules for governing New Hampshire. I could call them Volinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which is more clever, but this list is standard Democrat party fare, and more priorities than anything else. The only thing radical about them is the application of tribalism, and mob politics to get there from here about which another “linsky” wrote a famous (or is that infamous) book.

His rules (aka: priorities.)

1. Failed 19th (early 20th) century centrally planned government
2. 18th Century “public” transportation
3. 12th Century Feudalism – “peasants” exchange labor, for “protection.”
4. 11th-century wind technology.
5. 1st Century Religious intolerance (of Christians).

I think that covers it.

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