The Left’s ‘Identity Politics’ Has Them Backed Into A Corner

by Kimberly Morin


The left always likes to believe they are super smart but it seems odd that they still haven’t figured out why they lost the last election, not just at the federal level but across the country at the state level as well.

Rather than reflect on why they lost, they are doubling-down and doing the exact same things that drove their own party members to vote for Trump as well as millions of regular Americans. It wasn’t just that Hillary was a terrible candidate or is the most corrupt politician in the United States, it’s the left’s own behavior over the past 8 years that drove people away.

Identity Politics

The left has been pushing identity politics since before Obama’s election. You remember all the different Obama campaign signs for various groups – black, LGBTQ, women, Hispanic, unions etc. etc. And that’s what they’ve been relying on for the past 8 years. Except, it stopped working. People got sick of it because what they did was wage a war on regular Americans for daring to disagree with them or even question them:

If you disagreed with Obama’s policies – racist
If you disagreed with Trans ‘bathroom’ policy – transphobe
If you disagreed with open borders – xenophobe
If you disagreed with ‘reproductive rights’ – misogynist, sexist
If you disagreed with gun control – you wanted children dead
If you dared speak of Islamic Jihadism – Islamophobe
If you disagreed with LGBTQ agenda – homophobe
If you disagreed with abortion – anti-women; back alley abortions
If you disagreed with ‘Climate Change’ – science denier

The list could go on but you get the point.

Imagine being a soccer Mom who is concerned about the privacy of your daughter in the locker room so you are against the trans bathroom b.s. out-of-state organizations are pushing in NH and you’re called a hater and a transphobe? It doesn’t matter that you are supportive of the male teen who may want to be a female, you’re labelled a transphobe because you dare to want to protect your daughter.

Or imagine being a blue-collar worker who is against amnesty for illegals because your job could be at stake and you’re labelled a xenophobe?

Regular American voters

Before 2008, I used to be a pure Indy voter, a regular American who wasn’t a political junky but read and watched main stream media news; watched debates and always voted. I never voted based on political party (something my Dad taught me when I was first registering to vote). I have never been a member of a political party and I literally had no idea what the words ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ meant in regards to politics. I have a pretty good memory of what it’s like to BE a regular American voter.

I don’t remember the vitriol and hatred that we’re experiencing today from either side. I remember the Code Pinkoes in front of Bush’s ranch (No I didn’t call them that then but I thought they were nutty) and I remember some reports of Bush being hung in effigy but that’s about it. What we have today, thanks to ‘progressives’ who are really just Marxists with a different name, is something beyond the scope of what has existed aside from people like Bill Ayers (revered by the left) when he and his left-wing scum were bombing the country and killing people (I was a toddler so don’t remember).

Left-wing violence

The left has always had a propensity for violence. It’s just a leftist thing. If they can’t win your hearts and minds with feelings and facts (not that they actually use facts), they will try to force you through violence. You’re seeing this across the country since even before Trump won the election but even more so now with the cowardly fascist thugs of ‘Antifa.’ Antifa is an extreme left-wing organization that claims to be against fascism while acting like violent fascists. And Democrats say NOTHING to condemn their violence. Not. One. Thing.

Democrats have backed themselves into a corner like rabid raccoons and rather than take medicine to get better, they behave more rabidly.

John Goodman at Townhall wrote an excellent article that really explains the issue. It’s worth a read:

Bottom line: having lost all interest in ideas (because basically they have nothing to say) the political left has turned to identity culture – asserting that people have rights and obligations based on their genes or their ethnicity or their gender. If you disagree with them, they will not debate the merits of the case. They will instead attack you as an enemy of the groups for whom politically correctness requires sympathy. And they will encourage members of those groups to lash out against you – violently in some cases – because in the world of the mindless, brute force is the only thing left.

Identity politics is failing, the left is out of ideas and the country is sick of their Veruca Salt routine. What are they going to do? Continue behaving like Veruca Salt. That’s all you’ve seen from the New Hampshire Democrat Party since Trump was elected and they lost the governor’s office.

The left was always teetering on the edge of violence only now they are acting out on it. Nothing good is going to come of this.

And for the record, I wrote in my English Bulldog Tank for President in 2016.

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