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A proven conservative Republican who can win and keep the seat

BEDFORD, NH – State Senator Andy Sanborn (R – Bedford), Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, announced Tuesday that he will run for United States Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. His announcement video can be seen here.

A reluctant politician, Sanborn’s efforts in the legislature have been founded on not wanting to be like all the other politicians, but wanting to defend everyday people from the heavy hand of government and the political class.

“I’ve gained New Hampshire voters’ trust by listening to their real needs and working for them,” Sanborn said. “You can be a proven conservative and win if you deliver results that put people before politics. That’s what I’ve done.”

“I am proud of my work in the Senate,” Sanborn added. “I’ve fought hard to bring conservative values back to Concord and established myself as the conservative conscience of the New Hampshire Senate while always voting with my district – at times defying party leadership. I will always do what is right over what is expedient.”

“I am running because our current Congress member looks at the people of New Hampshire as nothing more than an ATM machine for her liberal progressive agenda and she believes people are there to serve the government, not the other way around.

I think the opposite.  I will work every day to put more of your money back into your pocket and ensure government works for you, to solve your problems.”

As a state senator from a swing district, which has voted for Hillary Clinton, Sanborn has a record of winning tough general elections.

“It is time for the people of New Hampshire’s First District to have true representation in Congress,” Sanborn said. “For too long, Rep. Shea Porter has pandered to the most extreme wing of the liberal base and ignored the needs of the vast majority of her constituents. The voters have had enough of radical partisanship and politics-as-usual; I will fight for the commonsense solutions that the people of NH deserve.”


About Andy

State Senator Andy Sanborn lives in Bedford, NH, and is a fourth generation native to New Hampshire and third generation small business owner. While he has a clear record of fighting for conservative causes, Andy, who has owned several small businesses during the past 30 years, first became politically active after experiencing firsthand how government bureaucrats impede and obstruct small businesses rather than help them and their employees prosper.

Andy is a reluctant legislator who did not seek office to become a politician but rather to protect every day people from the political class.  He brings commonsense solutions back to government. Known as the conservative conscience of the New Hampshire Senate, Andy fights for people and has a proven voting record for supporting limited government and lower taxes.

Although elected, Andy still works for a living, operating a successful businesses in the hospitality and real estate development industry which he runs with his wife Laurie, a prominent conservative leader in the New Hampshire State House. He was first elected to the State Senate in 2010 in what was known as a Democrat district. He has been re-elected every year since and is consistently the top vote getter in his district.

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