Laconia Prepared to sell Land to Backstop Teachers Contract Even After Cuts

by Steve MacDonald

Education spending piggy bank shutterstock_2803878-600x385

For the second year in a row, Laconia has to slash spending to make the teachers payroll.

Nearly $900,000 in spending cuts will allow the Laconia School District to come close to funding the first year of a new teacher contract, the School Board was told during a budget presentation on Tuesday night. Cuts include eliminating the high school dean and several teachers and other staff members.

According to the report, Laconia cut $1.6 million in spending last year and, get this, is prepared to sell town property to bank another million to cover future projected shortfalls.

Is this a contract or protection/extortion money? And what ever happened to putting children and their education first?

And (and, and) what do they plan to do when they run that well dry?

(Sell the furniture, appliances…dude, I just need a fix, help me out.)

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