Intelleftuals - Granite Grok


I was pondering the bubble of progressive thought–the things I do for you people. It’s a tiny bubble crowded with narrow-minded busybodies who need the force of government to get others to “believe” (this actually means forced compliance) what they believe.

It occurred to me that we could use a word to define these pseudo-intellectual leftists that can be used in polite company (see what I did there) and I came up with Intelleftuals. (Colleges, press rooms, big cities, the media, and DC are filled with them.)

These are people who believe progressive narratives regardless of overwhelming evidence to the contrary or public resistance to them. Intelleftuals are of the opinion that anyone who does not agree with them is a shill, rube, moron, racist, sexist, bigot etc., which is simply projection on their part. Their worldview is based on forced compliance to their ideas. Compare to that the real right, which is of the opinion that individual liberty and personal responsibility in all its unpredictable and varied forms of creation and creative destruction build better people and better societies with more freedom.

Some registered Republicans are Intelleftuals.

Intelleftuals will disagree and be offended by all of this. They may even call me names. But that just proves my point.