Here’s One for the Conspiracy Theory Folks – Opioid Overdose Deaths Produce More Organ Donors

by Steve MacDonald

drug use heroinThe rise in opioid-related deaths has resulted in an increase in available organs for transplant.

New England Donor Services says in 2016, 92 organ donors had died of a drug overdose. WMUR-TV reports the percentage of organ donors who were overdose victims rose from 4 percent to 27 percent in a five-year time span.

Let the conspiratorial minds race with the possibilities.

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  • Does this mean the pressure is off motorcycle riders without helmets?

    (Another observation from the medical industrial complex.)

  • Tim from Nashua

    ‘Cuz just sayin’ NO is a Republican mind trick.

    Hey, there aren’t enough aborted baby parts, we need adult body parts….Do you know how much it costs to get an organ transplant from a Chinese dissident? They charge an arm and a leg….

    • Ed Naile

      Think how many baby parts China has!!!
      Now there is a communist country that looks out for its citizens – baby parts galore.
      Of course when I was there in 1991 they didn’t have insulin. An American working there we had dinner with one evening lamented the fact that she could not get it insulin in China at all. She had to have her mother bring it on visits.
      Bernie Sanders style equality.

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